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The following titles are some of the Franz Marc paintings available for  
reproduction.  To have any of the paintings below reproduced or if there is a 
painting you are interested in but is not listed below, you can reach us at  
888.284.9671 (801.446.1239 internationally) or 

A Dog, a Fox and a Cat

Abstrakte Komposition


Aktbild auf Zinnober (Zwei Akte auf Rot)

Animal Destinies (The Trees Show their Rings the Animals their Veins)

Animals in Landscape (Painting with Bulls)

Bathing Girls


Birth of the Horses

Blue Black Fox

Blue Horse I

Broken Forms

Cat on a Yellow Pillow


Colorful Flowers (Abstract Forms)

Cottages On the Dachau Marsh

Cows Yellow Red Green

Crouching Deer

Dead Deer

Deer at Dusk

Deer in a Forest II

Deer in a Monastery Garden

Deer in the Forest

Deer in the Forest II

Deer in the Forest lll

Deer in the Snow

Dog Lying in the Snow

Donkey Frieze

Dreaming Horses

Drei Pferde in hageliger Landschaft

Fabulous Beast

Fairy Animals

Fighting Forms


Gazelle in Landschaft


Girl with Cat II

Grazing Horses

Grazing Horses IV (The Red Horses)

Haystacks in the Snow

Horse Asleep

Horse in a Landscape

In The Rain


Jumping Dog Schlick


Larch Sapling

Large Lenggries Horse Painting

Liegendes Katzchen

Long Yellow Horse

Monkey Frieze

Mountain Goats

Mountains (Rocky Way Landscape)

Nude with Cat

Picture with Cattle


Playing Dogs

Portrait of the Artists Mother


Red and Blue Horse

Red Deer

Red Deer II

Rote Rehe I

Rotes und gelbes Pferdchen

Ruhende Kuhe (Kauernder Steir)

Saint Julian L Hospitalier

Seated Mythical Animal

Sheaf of Grain


Siberian Sheepdogs (Siberian Dogs in the Snow)

Sleeping Animals

Sleeping Deer

Small Composition I

Small Composition II

Small Composition III

Small Horse Picture

Small Horse Study

Small Yellow Horses


The Dead Sparrow

The Dream

The Enchanted Mill

The First Animals

The Lamb

The Large Blue Horses

The Leaping Horse

The Little Blue Horse

The Little Blue Horses

The Little Yellow Horses

The Mandrill

The Monkey

The Sheep

The Steer (The Bull)

The Tower of Blue Horses

The Unfortunate Land of Tyrol

The Waterfall

The Wolves (Balkan War)

The Yellow Cow

Three Animals (Dog Fox and Cat)

Three Horses


Two Blue Horses

Two Cats Blue and Yellow

Two Horses

Two Horses Red and Blue

Two Women on the Hillside Sketch


Weasels at Play

Wild Pigs (Boar and Sow)

Woman in the Wind by the Sea


Young Boy with a Lamb

Zwei Kahe mit aufgehender Sonne

Zwei Pferde



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