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The following titles are some of the Gustave Courbet paintings available for  
reproduction.  To have any of the paintings below reproduced or if there is a 
painting you are interested in but is not listed below, you can reach us at  
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A Bay with Cliffs

A Burial at Ornhans

A Country Cottage

A Dog from Ornans

A Family of Deer in a Landscape with a Waterfall

A Hut in the Mountains

A Spanish Woman

A Thicket of Deer at the Stream of Plaisir-Fountaine

A Waterfall in the Jura

After Dinner at Ornans

After the Hunt

After the Storm

Apples, pears and grapes

Basket of Flowers

Bathers (Two Nude Women)

Battle of the Stags

Beach near Trouville

Beach Scene

Beatrice Bouvet

Beneath the Trees at Port-Berteau: Children Dancing

Boats at St. Aubain

Bonjour, Monsieur Courbet

Bouquet of Flowers

Burial at Ornans

Calm Seas

Cháteau de Chillon

Chateau du Chillon

Cliffs by the Sea in the Snow

Cliffs near Ornans

Count de Choiseul's Greyhounds

Courbet with his Black Dog

Crumbling Rocks

Dead Deer

Deer by a River (Chevreuils a la Riviere)

Deer in a Snowy Landscape

Deer in the Snow

Deer Taking Shelter in Winter

Deux Chevre Uils Dans la Forêt (Two Goats in the Forest)

Downpour at Etretat

Dressing the Dead Girl

Entering the Forest

Entrance to the Straits of Gibraltar


Evening Landscape

Female Nude with a Dog (Portrait of Leotine Renaude)

Femme Nue Endormie

Firemen Running to a Fire

Fishing Boats on the Deauville Beach

Flower Still Life

Flowering Apple Tree Branch

Flowering Branches and Flowers

Flowers in a Basket

Forest Landscape

Fox in the Snow

Girl with Geese

Girl with Seagulls, Trouville

Girls on the Banks of the Seine

Going Fishing

Gypsy in Reflection

Head of a Baby

Head of A Woman With Flowers

Hector Berlioz

Henri Rochefort

Hind Forced Down in the Snow

Hollyhocks In A Copper Bowl

Horse in the forest

Hunter on Horseback, Red Covering the Trail

Hunters in the Snow (The Poachers)

Hunting Dogs

In the Woods

Jo, Beautiful Irish Girl

Juliette Courbet


La Bacchante

La Ferme De Bonnevaux

La Fôret En Automne (Forest in Autumn)

La grotte des geants a Saillon (Valais - Suisse)

La Petite Bergere (The Young Shepherdess)

La Remise des Chevreuils

La Rencontre, or Bonjour Monsieur Courbet

La Ruisseau de la Breme

La Siesta Pendant la saison des foins

La Vague (The Wave)

Lake Geneva before the Storm

Lake Leman with Setting Sun

Lake Leman


Landscape in the Jura

Landscape near Ornans

Landscape near Puit Noir, near Ornans

Landscape of the Ornans Region

Landscape with a Dead Horse

Landscape with Bridge

Landscape with Snow

Landscape with Stag

Landscape: Bald Rock in the Valley of Ornans

Landscape: Source among the Rocks of the Doubs

Le Chateau de Thoraise

Le Glacier

Le Puits-Noir, Doubs

Le Sommeil

Leaping Doe

Les Baigneuses

Les Doubs A La Maison-Monsieur

Lisiere de foret

Locks on the Loue

Lot and His Daughters

Louis Gueymard as Robert le Diable

Male and Female Deer in the Woods

Malle Babbe

Man with Pipe


Marine a Etretat

Marine de Saint Aubin

Marine, The Waterspout

Mère Grégoire (Mother Grégoire)

My Atelier

Nude Rreclining by the Sea

Nude Woman with Dog

Old Man with a Glass of Wine

Panoramic View of the Alps, Les Dents du Midi

Paths to the Sea

Paysage de mer

Paysage Guyere

Peasant Wearing Madras

Peasant Woman Sleeping

Pecheur au bord de la Loue

Pierre Joseph Proudhon


Poachers in the Snow


Poor Woman of the Village

Portrait of a Man

Portrait of a Spanish Lady

Portrait of a Young Girl from Salins

Portrait of Alfred Bruyas

Portrait of Baudelaire

Portrait of Charles Baudelaire

Portrait of Chenavard

Portrait of Countess Karoly

Portrait of Countess Therese Burnswick

Portrait of Gabrielle Borreau (The Dreamer)

Portrait of H. J. van Wisselingh

Portrait of Hector Berlioz

Portrait of Jo, the Beautiful Irish Girl

Portrait of Jules Valles

Portrait of Juliette Courbet

Portrait of Juliette Courbet as a Sleeping Child

Portrait of Laure Borreau

Portrait of Madame Jacquet

Portrait of Madame Prudhon

Portrait of Monsieur Nicolle

Portrait of P.J. Proudhon

Portrait of Paul Ansout

Portrait of Paul Verlaine

Portrait of Pierre Joseph Proudhon

Portrait of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

Portrait of Regis Courbet

Portrait of the Artist (Man with a Pipe)

Portrait of the Artist's Father, Regis Courbet

Portrait of Theodore Cuenot

Portrait of Urbain Cuenot

Portrait of Zelie Courbet

Reclining Woman

Red Apples

Red Apples at the Foot of a Tree



Remise de Cerfs

River and Cliff

River Landscape

Rocks at Mouthier

Rocky Landscape

Rocky landscape near Flagey

Rocky Landscape with Figure

Rocky Seashore

Sea Coast in Normandy



Seascape at Etretat

Seascape at Saint-Aubin

Seascape Near Trouville

Self Portrait

Self Portrait with Striped Collar

Shelter of the Roe Deer at the Stream of Plaisir-Fontaine, Doubs

Siesta at Haymaking Time


Snowy Landscape


Spring, Stags Fighting

Squall on the Horizon

Stag Running through a Wood

Still Life

Still Life with Apples

Still Life with Apples and a Pomegranate

Still Life: Asters

Still Life with Pears and Apples

Still Life with Three Trout from the Loue River

Still Life: Apples and Pears

Still Life: Apples, Pears and Primroses on a Table


Storm at Sea

Sunset over Lake Leman

Sunset, Trouville

Swiss Landscape

Swiss Landscape with Flowering Apple Tree

The Angry Sea

The Approaching Storm

The Artist on the Seashore at Palavan

The Artist's Studio

The Barricade

The Bathers

The Beach

The Beach at Palavas

The Beach at Trouville

The Beach at Trouville at Low Tide

The Beach, Sunset

The Black Lake

The Booty (Hunting with Dogs)

The Bridge at Ambrussum

The Bridge at Nahin

The Calm Sea

The Castle of Chillon, Evening

The Cellist, Self Portrait

The Charente at Port-Bertaud

The Chasm at Conches

The Chateau d'Ornans

The Chateau de Chillon

The Clairvoyant (Sleepwalker)

The Cliff at Etretat, the Porte d'Avale

The Cliffs at Etretat

The Cliffs of Étretat After the Storm

The Death of the Deer

The Death of the Stag

The Desperate Man

The Donkey

The Draughts Players

The Edge of the Pool (Au Bord de l'Etang)

The English Horse of M. Duval

The Forest Edge

The Forest in Autumn


The Fountain

The Game of Draughts

The German Huntsman

The Girl with the Seagulls, Trouville

The Gorge

The Grain Sifters

The Grotto of Sarrazine near Nans-sous-Sainte-Anne

The Grotto of the Loue

The Hallali of the Stag

The Hammock

The Happy Lovers

The Homecoming

The Houses of the Chateau D'Ornans

The Hunt Breakfast

The Hunted Roe-Deer on the Alert, Spring

The Huntsman's Picnic

The Isolated Rock

The Lady of Frankfurt

The Large Oak

The Lock on the Loue

The Loue Valley

The Lovers in the Countryside

The Man with the Leather Belt. Portrait of the Artist

The Meeting (Bonjour, Monsieur Courbet)

The Oak of Flagey, called Vercingetorix

The Origin of the World

The Ornans Paper Mill

The Peasants of Flagey Returning from the Fair, Ornans

The Pont de Fleurie, Switzerland

The Pont de Nahin at Ornans

The Quarry

The quarry of Optevoz

The Reflection of Ornans

The Rest During the Harvest Season

The Return of the Deer to the Stream at Plaisir-Fontaine

The River Plaisir-Fontaine

The Rock at Bayard, Dinant, Belgium

The Sawmill on the River Gauffre

The Sculptor

The Sea

The Sea-Arch at Etretat

The Shaded Stream (The Stream of the Puits Noir)

The Shelter of the Roe Deer at the Stream of Plaisir-Fontaine, Doubs

The Silent River

The Sleepers

The Sleeping Embroiderer

The Sleeping Spinner

The Source

The Source of the Lison

The Source of the Loue

The Source of the Loue (La Grotte Sarrazine)

The Source of the Loue River

The Source or Bather at the Source

The Stone Breaker

The Stonebreakers

The Stories of Grandmother Salvan

The Stormy Sea or, The Wave

The Stream at Breme

The Stream from the Black Cavern

The Stream of the Puits-Noir at Ornans

The Studio of the Painter, a Real Allegory

The Trellis

The Trout

The Vagabond

The Valley of the Loue in Stormy Weather

The Village Maidens

The Wave

The Waves

The White Sail

The Winnowers

The Woman in the Waves

The Wounded Man

The Wounded Stag

The Wrestlers

The Young Ladies of the Village

The Young Ladies on the Banks of the Seine (Summer)

Three Bathers

Three English Girls at a Window

Torso of a Woman

Trees in the Snow

Valley at Fontcouvert

Valley of Ornans

Valley of the Loue

View of Frankfurt

View of Frankfurt am Main

View of La Tour de Farges

View of Neuenburger

View of Ornans and Its Church Steeple

View of Ornans

View of the Chateau de Chillon

View of the Parc de Crete over Clarens

Village at winter

Vue du Lac Leman

Waldbach with deer

Waterfall in the Ornans Rocks


Wiesenhang near Ornans

Winter Landscape with the Dents Du Midi

Winter Scene

Woman in a Podoscaphe

Woman in a Riding Habit

Woman in White Stockings

Woman of Frankfurt

Woman with a Cat

Woman with a Parrot

Woman with Garland

Woman with Pigeons

Woods in the Snow

Wounded Man

Young Girl Arranging Flowers

Young Ladies on the Banks of the Seine

Young Man in a Landscape (The Guitarrero)

Young Women of the Village Giving Alms to a cowherd, 1852


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