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Katsushika Hokusai


South Wind at Clear Dawn - Katsushika Hokusai
Ancient View of Yatsuhashi Great Wave of Kanagawa Abe No Nakamaro Gazing at the Moon South Wind at Clear Dawn
Kirifuri Waterfall at Mount Kurokami Bridge on the Border of Hida and Etchu Lilies Carp in a Waterfall

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Ando Hiroshige


Sudden Shower at Atake - Ando Hiroshige
Plum Garden Kamata Bird on a Tree Stormy Sea Sudden Shower at Atake
Kyobashi Bridge Takegashi Wharf View of Mount Fuji from Satta Point Lingering Snow on Mount Hira Bamboo Yards Kyobashi Bridge

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Vincent Van Gogh (Japanese subject matter)

Japonaiserie Oiran - Vincent Van Gogh

Japonaiserie after Hiroshige - Vincent Van Gogh

Japanese Bridge - Vincent Van Gogh


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Japanese Kanji Symbols


Belief, Trust
Ambition Art Honor Belief, Trust
God Strength Honesty Love

To order an oil-on-canvas reproduction click on online the image of the painting.

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Gustav Klimt (Japanese subject matter)

Silhouette II - Gustav Klimt

Silhouette I

Silhouette II


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Claude Monet (Japanese subject matter)

La Japonaise

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Odilon Redon (Japanese subject matter)


The Buddha

Oriental Woman

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Paul Ranson (Japanese subject matter)

Apple Tree with Red Fruit Poissons and Crustaces Japanese Landscape Poissons et Crustacaes 1902

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James Tissot (Japanese subject matter)

Young Lady Holding Japanese Objects

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