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The following titles are some of the Lovis Corinth paintings available for  
reproduction.  To have any of the paintings below reproduced or if there is a 
painting you are interested in but is not listed below, you can reach us at  
888.284.9671 (801.446.1239 internationally) or Sales@CanvasReplicas.com. 

A Mother's Love

A Woman Reading near a Goldfish Tank

After the Bath

After the Swim

Afternoon on Lake Lucerne

Ariadne auf Naxos

Armour in the Studio

At the Mirror

At the Muritzsee

Autumn Flowers

Baccants Returning Home



Beneath the Shield of Arms

Berlin, Unter den Linden, 1922

Bowling Alley

Building Under Construction in Monte Carlo

Butcher's Shop at Schaftlarn an der Isar


Cala lilies and Lilacs with a Bronze Figurine

Carl Hagenbeck in His Zoo, 1911

Carl Ludwig Elias, 1899


Cat's Breakfast

Cesare Borgia (Arthur Kraft)

Charlotte Corinth at Her Dressing Table, 1911

Chrysanthemms and Calla

Chrysanthemums and Roses in a Jug


Conrad Ansorge at the Piano

Corinth with Family


Crucified Thief

Dark Shadow


Distributing Christmas Presents

Donna Gravida

Easter at Walchensee

Ecce Homo

Farmyard in Bloom

Female Nude

Fishermen's Cemetery at Nidden


Floral Still Life

Flower Garden in Bloom

Flowers and Wilhelmine

Franz Heinrich Corinth on His Sickbed

Frontispiece to the piano score of 'Elektra' by Richard Strauss

Garden in the West End of Berlin

Goetz von Berlichingen

Grandmother and Granddaughter

Homeric Laughter, First Version

Ice Skating Rink in The Tiergarten, Berlin

In a Black Coat

In a Corset

In a Silk Robe

In Max Halbe's Garden

In the Fisherman's House

In the Slaughter House

In the Woods near Bernried

Inn Valley Landscape


Italian Woman in a Yellow Chair

Judith Book

Lake Lucerne, Afternoon

Lake Lucerne, Morning

Lake Walchen Surrounded by Mountains

Large Landscape with Ravens

Large Self Portrait at the Walchensee

Large Still Life with Figure

Large Still Life with Figure (aka Birthday Picture)


Last Self Portrait

Lilac and Tulips

Lotte Roll

Luneberger Heide


Max Halbe

Meat and Fish at Hiller's Berlin



Morning Sun

Mother and Child

Nana, Female Nude

October Show at the Walchensee

Odysseus Fighting with the Beggar

Old Man in Armour

On the Balcony in Bordighera







Pieta, 1920

Pink Roses

Portrait of a Hamburg Woman

Portrait of a Lady

Portrait of a Woman in a Purple Hat

Portrait of Admiral Alfred von Tirpitz

Portrait of Alfred Kerr

Portrait of Charlotte Berend in a White Dress

Portrait of Charlotte Berene-Corinth in a Green Velvet Jacket

Portrait of Dr Edward Meyer

Portrait of Dr Edward Meyer

Portrait of Dr. Arthur Rosin in a Chair

Portrait of Dr. Karl Schwarz

Portrait of Eduard Count Keyserling

Portrait of Eleonore von Wilke, Countess Finkh

Portrait of Elly

Portrait of Ernst Oppler

Portrait of Franz Heinrich Corinth with a Glass of Wine

Portrait of Frau Hedwig Berend, 'Rosa Matinee'

Portrait of Frau Luther

Portrait of Friedrich Ebert

Portrait of Georg Brandes

Portrait of Gerhart Hauptmann

Portrait of Julius Meier-Graefe

Portrait of Max Halbe

Portrait of Otto Eckmann

Portrait of Professor Eduard Meyer


Portrait of Rosenhagen's Mother

Portrait of Sophie Cassirer

Portrait of the Artist's Uncle, Friedrich Corinth

Portrait of the Painter

Portrait of the Painter Benno Becker

Portrait of the Painter Bernt Gronvold

Portrait of the Painter Karl Strathmann

Portrait of the Painter Leo Michelson

Portrait of the Painter Leonid Pasternak

Portrait of the Painter Paul Eugene Gorge

Portrait of the Painter Walter Leistilow

Portrait of the Pianist Conrad Ansorge

Portrait of the Poet Herbert Eulenberg

Portrait of the Poet Peter Hille

Portrait of Wilhelmine with Her Hair in Braids

Portrait of Wolfgang Gurlitt

Punt in the Reeds at Muritzsee

Reclining Female Nude

Reclining Nude

Red and Yellow Tulips

Red Christ

Roman Flowers in a Jug


Rudolph Rittner as Florian Geyer, First Version

Salome, First Version

Salome, Second Version

Samson Blinded

Schlossfreiheit, Berlin



Self Portrait

Self Portrait as Standard Bearer

Self Portrait at the Easel

Self Portrait at Walchensee, Bavaria

Self Portrait in a Black Hat

Self Portrait in a Fur Coat and a Fur Cap

Self Portrait in a Tyrolean Hat

Self Portrait in a White Smock

Self Portrait in Armour

Self Portrait in the Studio

Self Portrait with a Glass

Self Portrait with His Wife and a Glass of Champagne

Self Portrait with Model

Self Portrait with Palette

Self Portrait with Skeleton

Self Portrait with Straw Hat

Self Portrait without Collar

Self Portrait

Self Portrait with skeleton

Small Self Portrait at the Walchensee

Standing Naked Boy

Still Life of Blossom

Still Life with Buddha, Lobsters and Oysters

Still Life with Chrysanthemums and Amaryllis

Still Life with Flowers, Skull and Oak Leaves

Still Life with Fruit and Wine Glass

Still Life with Hare and Partridges

Storm at Capo d'Ampeglio

Study for a Portrait of Professor Dr. Eduard Meyer Study of Two Male Figures

Sunday peace

Susanna and the Elders

Susanna and the Elders, Second Version

Tändelei, II version

The Abduction

The Artist and His Family (Family Portrait)

The Black Mask

The Blinded Samson

The Christmas Tree

The Deposition

The Fair Imperia

The Family of the Painter Fritz Rumpf

The Freemason's

The Hare

The Jochberg and the Walchensee

The Klobenstein, 1910

The Large Martyrdom

The Magdalen with Pearls in Her Hair

The Model

The New Pond in the Tiergarten, Berlin

The Painter Charlotte Berend with a Bull

The Painter Leonid Pasternak

The Rape of Europa, from 'Der Venuswagen' by Friedrich Schiller,

The Red Christ

The Sea near La Spezia

The Temptation of Saint Anthony

The Temptation of Saint Anthony (after Gustave Flaubert)

The Trojan Horse

The Violinist

The Walchensee in the Moonlight

The Walchensee in Winter

The Walchensee on Saint John's Eve

The Walchensee with a Larch Tree

The Walchensee with Mountain Range and Shore

The Walchensee with the Slope of the Jochberg

The Walchensee, "Silberweg"

The Walchensee Country House with Washing on the Line

The Walchensee Mountains Wreathed in Cloud

The Walchensee New Snow

The Walchensee on the Terrace

The Walchensee, Serpentine

The Youth of Zeus

Thomas and Wilhelmine

Thomas in Armour

Unter den Linden, Berlin

View from the Studio

View from the Studio Window

View from the Studio Schwabing

View of Kohlbrand

View of Walchen Lake


Walchensee Landscape

Walchensee Landscape with a Larch

Walchensee Panoramic View from the Pulpit

Walchensee, Morning Fog

Wilhelmine in a Yellow Hat

Wilhelmine with a Ball


Woman by a Goldfish Tank

Woman in a Hat with Roses

Woman with a Glass of Wine

Woman with Lilies in a Greenhouse


Zinnias in a Vase



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