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Image for a moment....An exquisite hand-painted oil-on-canvas reproduction of your favorite Frederic Remington hanging in the dining room of your home or adorning the walls of your corporate office!   Canvas Replicas creates stunning and affordable Gallery quality oil-on-canvas reproductions of the masters' paintings.   We invite you to spend some time roaming the Remington Gallery.

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Frederic Remington 
Hunters' Supper - Frederic Remington

Hunters' Supper

Outlier Stampede His First Lesson
Episode of the Buffalo Hunt - Frederic Remington

Episode of the Buffalo Hunt

A Dash for Timber

Shotgun Hospitality Fall of the Cowboy

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Herd Boy - Frederic Remington

Herd Boy

Cavalryman's Breakfast Stormy Morning at the Badlands Indian Trapper
Old Stage Coach - Frederic Remington

Old Stage Coach

Pony Express Fight for the Waterhole The Scout: Friends or Foes?

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Victory Dance - Frederic Remington

Victory Dance

Cowboy Last of His Race Jedediah Smith Across the Desert
Scout - Frederic Remington


Against the Sunset Cold Morning on the Range Blanket Signal

"Our customer had us frame the 4 x 6 ft Remington Against the Sunset they bought from you.   It was

 amazing.  So much more beautiful then a giclee or print."  Jay S.  Frame Store Owner ~ Palm Desert, CA

Mounted Infantryman - Frederic Remington

Mounted Infantryman

Smoke Signal Cavalry Charge Pony War Dance

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Ridden Down - Frederic Remington

Ridden Down

Blackfoot War Party If Skulls Could Speak Dismounted Fourth Troopers
Long Horn Cattle Sign - Frederic Remington

Long Horn Cattle Sign

Single Handed Self Portrait on a Horse Bronco Buster
Buffalo Hunt - Frederic Remington

Buffalo Hunt

Comanche Brave, Fort Reno Mackenzie Mounted Cowboy in Chaps

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Blackfoot Chief - Frederic Remington

Blackfoot Chief

Great Explorers Regimental Scout Chieftain
Chief of the Crow Scouts - Frederic Remington

Chief of the Crow Scouts

Cow Pony Trooper The Puncher

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Aiding a Comrade - Frederic Remington

Aiding a Comrade

Prairie Fire An Argument with the Town Marshall
Last Painting - Frederic Remington

Last Painting

Bullfight in Mexico Coming to the Call

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Frederic Remington Catalog


The following titles are some of the Frederic Remington paintings available for 
reproduction.  To have any of the paintings below reproduced or if there is  
a painting you are interested in but is not listed below, you can reach us at 
888.284.9671 (801.446.1239 internationally) or

A Breed

A Vaquero

Adventure of Old Sun's Wife

Against the Sunset

Apache Fire Signal


Argument with the Town Marshall

Army Packer

Arrest of a Blackfeet Murderer

Arresting the Deserter

Assault on His Dignity

Attack on the Supply Train

Battle of Washita

Belated Traveler

Belle McKeever and Lt. Edgar Wheelock

Bit of Cow Country

Blackfoot Chief

Breaking Horses

Bringing Home the New Cook

Bronco Buster

Brush with the Redskins

Buffalo Hunt

Buffalo Runner

Buffalo Runners

Bugler of cavalry in the Mexican Army

Bull Fight in Mexico

Burning the Range

Buying Polo Ponies in the West

Camp Fire Texas

Canadian Mounted Police on a Winter Expedition

Captain of Infantry in Field Rig

Cavalry Charge

Cavalry in an Arizona Sandstorm

Cavalryman of the Line, Mexico

Cavalryman's Breakfast on the Plains

Charge Up San Juan Hill


Cheyenne Scout in Winter Rig

Cheyenne Scouts Patrolling the Big Timber of the North...

Cheyenne Warrior

Citadel of the Plains

Colored Troopers to the Rescue

Comanche Brave, Fort Reno, Indian Territory

Comming to the Call

Coronado's March-Colorado

Cossack Picket on the German Frontier


Cow Pony


Cowboys Wrestling a Bull

Cracker Cowboy

Cracker Cowboys of Florida

Crow Indians Firing into the Agency

Crow Scout

Cuban Tobacco



Dash for the Timber

Dismounted, The Fourth Trooper Moving the Led Horses

Dispatch Bearer Troop B, United States Scouts


Down go Horses and Men

Dragging a Bull's Hide over a Prairie Fire in Northern...


Fall of the Cowboy

Field Drill for the Prussian Infantry

Fight For the Water Hole

Fight in the Canyon

Fight over a Water Hole

Fox Terriers Fighting a Badger

Gander Pull

Geronimo and His Band Returning from a Raid into Mexico

Going to the Buffalo Hunt

Good Day's Hunting in the Adirondacks

Government Pack Train

Grass Fire


Great Explorers 

Guard of the Whiskey Trader

He Lay Where He Had Been Jerked

Hello, Jose (Unexpected Guest)

His First Lesson

Hostiles Watching the column

Hunting a Beaver Stream

Huskie Dogs on the Frozen Highway

Hussar, Russian Guard Corps

In the Desert

Indian Brave

Indian Scout

Indian Scout at Fort Reno

Indian Trapper

Infantry Officer, Full Dress

Infantry Soldier

It was to Be a Lasso Duel to the Death

Lane through the Buffalo Herd

Last Lull in the Fight

Last Stand

Lieutenant S. C. Robertson, Chief of the Crow Scouts

Long-Horn Cattle Sign

Mandan Initiation Ceremony (Sundance)

Mexican Army Drum Corps

Mexican Guide

Mexican Major

Mexican Vaqueros Breaking a 'Bonc'

Mier Expedition the Drawing of the Black Bean



Missionary and the Medicine Man

Modern Cavalry Camp

Modern Comanche

Moose Hunt

Mountain Lion Hunting

Mounted Cowboy in Chaps with Race Horse

Native Sportsman

Old Stage Coach of the Plains

On the Caribou Tracks

On the Northwest Coast

Opening of the Fight at Wounded Knee



Ox Train in the Mountains

Pack Train


Pony Tracks in the Buffalo Trails

Pool in the Desert

Prarie Fire

Pretty Mother of the Night

Prospecting for Cattle Range

Protecting a Wagon Train

Quarrel over Cards - Sketch from a New Mexican Ranch

Radisson and Groseilliers


Recent Uprising among the Bannock Indians


Regimental Scout

Remington Stampede

Ridden Down

Roasting the Christmas Beef in a Cavalry Camp

Running Bucker

Scout, Friends or Foes

Scream of Shrapnel at San Juan Hill, Cuba


Self Portrait on a Horse


Shotgun Hospitality

Signaling the Main Command

Single Handed

Smoke Signal

Soldiering in the Southwest - Rescue of Corporal...


Supper in the Corral

Teaching a Mustang Pony to Pack Dead Game

The Advance

The Bronco Buster

The Cheyenne

The Norther

The Outlaw

The Trooper

Third Cavalry Troopers

Through the Smoke Sprang the Daring Soldier

Tom Kicked away the Stirrups and Grasped the Low Branch...

Training Army Horses to Stand Fire


Troop Picket Line Of the Sixth United States Cavalry...


Trooper of the Plains

Trooper what an Unbranded Cos has Cost

U.S. Dragoon

Ugly Oh the Wild Charge He Made

Uhlan Lancer

Waiting in the Moonlight

What an Unbranded Cos Has Cost

When His Heart is Bad

Whipping in a Straggler

White Forest

Wicked Pony

Wolves Sniffed Along on the Trail, but Came No



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