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Olga Rozanova Biography

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 Olga Rozanova (1886-1918)


Olga Rozanova was born in 1886 in Malenki, Vladimir province in Russia.   She trained at the Bolshakov Art School and the Stroganov School of Applied Art in Moscow.   In 1911 she moved to St. Petersburg where she became an active member of the Union of Youth Group, exhibiting with them regularly from 1911 to 1914.   She also attended the Zvantseva School of Art from 1912 to 1913.

In 1912 Rozanova began illustrating books of Futurist poetry written by her husband, Aleksey Kruchonykh.   She also wrote transrational Futurist verse (sound poetry), experimented with Cubism and Futurism in painting, produced abstract constructions and created Suprematist embroidery and textile designs.   By 1917 she had developed a completely individual abstract style of painting.   After the Revolution in 1917 she supervised the reorganization of craft workshops in provincial towns.   She died in Moscow on November 8, 1918.


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