The Frederic George Stephens biography 

Frederic George Stephens Biography

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Frederic George Stephens (1828-1907)

Frederick George Stephens was born to Septimus Stephens of Aberdeen and Ann in Walworth, London and grew up in nearby Lambeth. Because of an accident in 1837, he was physically disabled and educated privately. He later attended University College School, London.    Stephens was a student at the Royal Academy with Holman Hunt, Gabriel Rossetti, John Everett Millais, and Thomas Woolner. He was asked to join the original three members of the PRB (Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood - Hunt, Rossetti, and Millais) in 1848. It is generally agreed that Stephens' talent for painting was sparse, however, and he eventually gave up art for teaching. In 1860, Stephens wrote a biography, published anonymously, of William Holman Hunt. In 1861, he became the art critic for The Athenaeum, a job he held for forty years.   Stephens died at home on March 9, 1907 and is buried in Brompton Cemetery.

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