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Carriage at the Races Orchestra of the Opera Dance Class Portrait of a New Orleans Office
The Star Chanteuse de Cafe Danseuse Basculant

Absinthe Drinker in a Cafe

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Le Cafe Concert Laundry Maids Le Tub La Toilette
Cafe des Ambassadeurs - Edgar Degas
Friends in the Wings Dancer on Point Cafe des Ambassadeurs Violinist


Woman Drying Her Foot Madame Camus with a Fan
Singer in Green  Place de la Concorde (Ludovic Lepic and his Daughter) Mary Cassatt at the Louvre Dancers Practicing at the Barre
Four Dancers Alexander & Bucephalus La La at the Cirque Fernando Billiard Room at Menil-Hubert
Rehearsal at the Opera Race Horses At the Milliner's Singer in a Cafe
Le Pas Battu Field of Flax Dancer at the Photographers

Blue Dancers 1899

Rehearsal at the Opera Amateur Dante and Virgil at the Entrance to Hell Dinner at the Ball

To order an oil-on-canvas reproduction online click on

the image of the painting.

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Edgar Degas Catalog


The following titles are some of the Edgar Degas paintings available for 
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A Jockey

A l'ecurie, cheval et chien

Absinthe Drinker

Achille De Gas

Achille De Gas in the Uniform of a Cadet

Actresses Dressing Room

after Adolph of Menzels Ballsouper

After Bathing, Woman Drying Her Leg

After Bathing, Woman Drying Herself

After The Bath

After the Bath- Woman Drying her feet

After the Bath, Woman Drying Her Hair

After the Bath, Woman Drying her NeckAfter the Bath, Woman Drying Herself

After the Bath, Woman with a Towel

Albert Melida

Alexander and Bucephalus

Alexis Rouart (Buste D'Homme En Chapeau Melon)

Alice Villette



Apres le bain

Apres le bain (Femme nue)

Apres le bain (Femme s'essuyant)

Aria after the Ballet

At Saint-Valery-sur-Somme

At the Ballet

At the Beach

At the Cafe

At the Cafe des Ambassadeurs

At the Louvre - The Painter (Mary Cassatt)

At the Milliner's

At The Mirror

At the Races

At the Races - Before the Start

At the Races in the Country

At the Races the Start

At the Races, Gentlemen Jockeys

At the Seaside

At the Stables Horse and Dog

At the Stock Exchange

At the Theatre, Woman with a Fan

Au Repos Apres Le Bain

Aux Ambassadeurs

Aux Courses en Province

Avant La Course

Bad Mood

Baigneuse Au Bord De L'Eau

Ballerina and Lady with a Fan

Ballerina Standing at a Bar

Ballerina viewed from the Back

Ballerinas Adjusting Their Dresses

Ballet at the Paris Opers

Ballet Class

Ballet Corps Member Fixing Her Hair

Ballet Dancer from Behind

Ballet Dancer in Her Dressing Room

Ballet Dancer on Stage

Ballet Dancer

Ballet Dancers

Ballet Dancers in Butterfly Costumes (detail)

Ballet Dancers in the Wings

Ballet Dancers on the Stage

Ballet from 'Robert la Diable'

Ballet Master

Ballet Rehearsal

Ballet Rehearsal on Stage

Ballet Scene

Ballet scene from Meyerbeer's opera 'Robert le Diable'

Ballet, seen from a loge

Bateau De Peche A L'Entree Du Port De Dives

Bateau Echoue

Bather by the Water

Bather Drying Herself

Bathers on the Grass

Beach at Ebbe

Beach Scene


Before the Curtain Call

Before the Performance

Before the Race

Before the Races

Before the Rehearsal

Before the Start

Before the Start (jockeys in training)

Bellelli Family

Billiard Room at Menil-Hubert

Blue Dancers

Blue Dancers

Body Care

Bowing Dancer

Bowing Dancers

Box at the Opera

Breakfast after a bath

Breakfast after Bathing

Breakfast after the Bath


Brown Dress

Bust of a Woman

Buste de danseuse

Buste de jeune homme, etudes pour La fille de Jephte

Cafe Concert

Cafe Concert at the Ambassadeurs

Cafe Concert Singer

Calvary, after a painting by Andrea Mantegna

Candaule's Wife

Carlo Pellegrini

Carriage at the Races

Castel Sant'Elmo, Naples, from the Capodimonte, 1856


Cavalier (De Trois-Quarts Vers La Droite)

Cavaliers en habit

Ceremony of Ordination at Lyon Cathedral

Chanteuse de cafe-concert

Cheval avec etude de cavalier

Cheval De Selle

Cheval Et Jockey

Cheval galopant

Cheval Monte S'Abreuvant

Cheval s'enlevant au galop

Children on a Doorstep


Coin De Village

Collector of Prints

Combing the Hair

Composition Classique

Comte Le Pic and his Sons



Cotton Exchange in New Orleans

Cotton Merchants in New Orleans

Cows in the Foreground

Criminal Physiognomies

Crucifixion (after Matagna)

Cup of Tea


Customer, Supper Time (L'Amateur, le souper)

Dame Agee

Dance Class

Dance Class at the Opera

Dance Class at the Opera, rue Le Peletier

Dance Examination

Dance Foyer at the Opera on the rue Le Peletier

Dance Hall

Dance Lesson

Dance Rehearsal in the Studio of the Opera

Dance School

Dance Studio


Dancer Adjusting Her Sandel

Dancer Adjusting Her Slipper

Dancer Adjusting her Tights

Dancer against a Stage Flat

Dancer and Tambourine

Dancer arranging her hair

Dancer at the Bar

Dancer at the Barre

Dancer at the Photographer's Studio

Dancer Fastening her Pump

Dancer Fixing her Slipper

Dancer in Blue at the Barre

Dancer in Front of a Window (Dancer at the Photographer's Studio)

Dancer in Her Box

Dancer in Her Dressing Room

Dancer Leaving Her Dressing Room

Dancer on a Stage

Dancer on Pointe

Dancer on the Stage

Dancer Onstage

Dancer Onstage with a Bouquet

Dancer Posing

Dancer Putting on Her Slipper

Dancer Resting

Dancer Seated (study)

Dancer Viewed from the Back

Dancer with a Bouquet Bowing

Dancer with a Bouquet of Flowers

Dancer with a Bouquet of Flowers (Star of the Ballet)

Dancer with a Fan

Dancer with a Tambourine

Dancer with Bouquet

Dancer with Bouquet, Curtseying

Dancer with Bouquets

Dancer with Left Art Raised

Dancer with Raised Arms

Dancer with Red Stockings



Dancers at Rehearsal

Dancers at the Bar

Dancers at the Barre

Dancers at the Old Opera House

Dancers Backstage

Dancers behind a backdrop

Dancers Bending Down

Dancers bounding their shoes

Dancers Climbing the Stairs

Dancer's Dressing Room

Dancers in a Box

Dancers in a Landscape

Dancers in a Studio

Dancers in Blue

Dancers in Green

Dancers in Green and Yellow

Dancers in Lemon and Pink

Dancers in Light Blue

Dancers in Light Blue (Rehearsing in the Dance Studio)

Dancers in Pink

Dancers in the entrance hall

Dancers in the Foyer

Dancers in the Green Room

Dancers in the Old Opera House

Dancers in the Rehearsal Room with a Double Bass

Dancers in the Studio

Dancers in the Wings

Dancers in Violet

Dancers in Violet Dresses, arms raised

Dancers on a Bench

Dancers on the Scenery

Dancers Pink and Green

Dancers Practicing at the Barre

Dancers Ready

Dancers Rehearsing

Dancers Relaxing

Dancers Resting

Dancers Wearing Green Skirts

Dancers wearing Salmon colored Skirts

Dancers with Hair in Braids


Dancers, Pink and Green

Dancing Class


Danseuse a l'eventail

Danseuse A mi-corps se coiffant

Danseuse Assise

Danseuse assise, reajustant son bas

Danseuse attachant sa chaussure

Danseuse au repos

Danseuse en 'Quatrieme devant'

Danseuse en scene

Danseuse Mettant Son Chausson

Danseuse nouant un noed au dos

Danseuse pratiquant la barre (Dancer practicing at the Bar)

Danseuse Rajustant Sa Sandale

Danseuse Rajustant Son Chausson, Buste De Pierrette

Danseuse Rajustant Son Collant

Danseuse Rajustant Son Epaulette

Danseuse Rattachant Son Ceinture

Danseuse Rose

Danseuse Sur Les Pointes

Danseuse Vue De Profil

Danseuse Vue En Buste

Danseuse, buste


Danseuses au repos

Danseuses Dans Les Coulisses

Danseuses Pres D'Un Portant

Danseuses Russes

Danseuse Six Croquis

Dante and Virgil at the Entrance to Hell

Daughter of Jephtha

David and Goliath

Dead fox lying in the Undergrowth

Degas de profil, assis dans un fauteuil

Degas' Father Listening to Lorenzo Pagans

Degas in a Green Jacket

Deux Danseuses




Deux Danseuses au repos

Deux Danseuses debout

Deux Danseuses En Maillot

Deux etudes d'un jockey

Deux Femmes Nues, Les Bras Leves

Deux jockeys - Femme A  la lorgnette

Deux ttes de femme

Diego Martelli

Door from the bath tub

Duchess de Montejasi and her daughters Elena and Camilla

Duchesse de Montejasi-Cicerale

Duke and Duchess Morbilli

During the dance classes at madame Cardinal

Earring (La Boucle d'oreille)

Ecole de Danse -School of Dance

Edgar Degas, par lui-meme

Edmond And Therese Morbilli

Edmond Duranty

Edmondo and Therese Morbilli

Edouard Manet

Edouard Manet Standing

Elena Carafa

Elizabeth de Valois (after Anthonis Mor or Moro)

Ellen Andree

Emma Dobigny

End of an ArabesqueEntrance of the Masked Dancers

Estelle Musson Balfour

Estelle Musson, Madame Rene de Gas

Etude d'arbres

Etude De Cheval

Etude de ciel

Etude De Danseuse

Etude de draperie

Etude de main

Etude de main (Etude pour Madame Gaujelin)

Etude de nu

Etude De Nu (Deux Femmes Assises)

Etude de nu pour une danseuse

Etude De Trois Danseuses

Etude Pour Le Jockey Blesse Un Cheval Deleste De Son Cavalier Et Un Cheval Monte

Etude Pour Le Portrait De Mathilde Salle

Etude Pour Un Portrait D'Homme (Portrait De Pagans)

Etudes pour Danseuses aA  la barre

Eugene Manet

Eugene Manet (Brother to Edouard Manet

Exit from the bathtub

Fallen Jockey

False Start

Female Nude

Female Standing Nude

Femme A Sa Toilette (Deux Etudes)

Femme Assise

Femme au Bain

Femme Debout

Femme En Bleu (Portrait De Mlle. Helene Rouart)

Femme nue assise

Femme nue assise, s'essuyant

Femme nue couchee

Femme nue se coiffant

Femme Penchee Sur Une Balustrade

Femme SAessuyant Les Pieds

Femme s'appuyant un fauteuil

Femme Se Coiffant

Femme se coiffant, la Lettre

Femme se lavant dans sa Baignoire

Femme se Peignant

Femme s'epongeant le dos

Femme s'essuyant le bras

Femme S'Essuyant Les Cheveux

Femme vue de dos, etude de drape de la traine de sa robe

Field of Flax

Finding of Moses

Fishing boats moored in the harbor

Four ballerinas on the stage

Four Dancers

Four Dancers on Stage

Four Dancers

Four Jockeys

Friends at the Theatre, Ludovic Halevy and Albert Cave

Front-view of Dancer

General Mellinet and Chief Rabbi Astruc

General sample of the Balletts on the stage

Gentlemen Jockeys before Start

Gentlemen's Race: before the Start

George Moore

Giovanna and Giulia Bellelli

Girl Dancer at the Barre

Girl in Red

Giulia Bellelli

Grafen Lepic and Töchter

Grandstand (Study For 'Le Faux Depart')

Grecian Dance

Green Dancer

Green Dancer

Group of Dancers

Group of Dancers, Tree Decor

Group of Three Dancers

Groupe De Danseuses

Guitarist Pagans and Monsieur Degas

Gustav Moreau

Half Length Nude Girl

Hand study

Harlekin and Colombine

Head of a Man

Head of a Young Woman

Helene Rouart

Helene Rouart (Mme. Marin)

Helene Rouart in her Father's Study

Henri De Gas and His Neice, Lucie Degas

Henri Michel-Levy in his studio

Henri Rouart

Henri Rouart and His Daughter Helene

Henri Rouart and His Son Alexis

Henri Rouart in front of His Factory

Henri Valpincon Governess as a Child

Hilaire Degas

Horse and Jockey

Horseracing in Longchamps

Horses and Jockeys

Horses in a Meadow

Horses with Jockeys

Hortense Valpincon

Houses at the Foot of a Cliff

Houses by the Seaside

Huntsman on a Horse

In a Cafe (The Absinthe Drinker)

In a Laundry

In Front of the Mirror

In the Bath

In the Concert Café

In the Dance Studio

In the Tuileries woman with a parasol

Interior (The Rape)

Interior at Menil-Hubert


James Tissot

Jeantaud, Linet and Laine

Jerome Ottoz

Jeune fille A demi-devetue

Jeunes filles regardant un Album



Jockey a cheval

Jockey blesse

Jockey in Blue on a Chestnut Horse

Jockey on Horseback


Jockeys (trois etudes)

Jockeys at Epsom

Jockeys before the Race

Jockeys before the Tribune

Jockeys in the Rain

Jockeys Training

Joseph and His Brothers in Egypt

Joseph Henri Alte

Josephine Gaujean

Jules Perrot

Kneeling Nude

Kneeling woman

L Etoile

La coiffure

La Famille Cardinal Pauline and Virgine Conversing with Admirers

La Farandole

La Femme De Candaules

La Fille De Jephte

La La at the Cirque Fernando

La Loge

La Promenade Des Chevaux

La Sortie Du Bain

La Toilette

La Toilette apres le Bain

La Toilette, Fillette

Lady with a Parasol

Lady with Opera Glasses

Lake and Mountains



Landscape at Valery-sur-Somme

Landscape by the Sea

Landscape on the Orne

Landscape with Hills

Landscape with Rocks


Laundress Carrying Linen


Laundry Girls Ironing

Le Cirque Fernando - architectural study

Le coucher

Le Pas Battu

Leaving the Bath

Leon Bonnat

Leon Bonnat

L'epine (Femme se soignant le pied)

Les Chevaux De Courses

Les Pointes

Les Trois Danseuses Jaunes

L'Infante Margarita, d'apres Velazquez

Little Dancer of Fourteen Years

Little Girl Carrying Flowers in Her Apron

Little girl is Combed on the Beach

Little Milliners

Lowering the Curtain

Ludovic Halevy

Ludovic Halevy Speaking with Madame Cardinal

M. and Mme Edouard Manet

Madame Alexis Rouart and Her Children

Madame Camus (Femme A  l'eventail)

Madame Camus at the Piano

Madame Camus with a Fan

Madame de Rutte

Madame Deitz-Monin

Madame Ducros

Madame Edmondo Morbilli, nee Therese De Gas

Madame Ernest May

Madame Gaujelin

Madame Jeantaud in the mirror

Madame Rene De Gas

Madame Valpinçon with Chrysanthemums

Mademoiselle Fiocre in the ballet 'La Source'

Mademoiselle Malo

Mademoiselle Marie Dihau

Man and Woman

Man in an Opera Hat

Man's Head

Mante Family

Marguerite Degas, the Artist's Sister

Marine La Mer Calme, Vue De La Falaise

Marine sunset

Marine, Soleil Couchant

Mary Cassatt and her Sister at the Louvre 1885

Mary Cassatt at the Louvre


Midieval War Scene


Millinery Shop


Miss Cassatt, Holding the Cards

Miss La La at the Cirque Fernando

Mlle Fiocre in the Ballet 'La Source'

Mlle. E. Musson

Mme Theodore Gobillard, nee Yves Morisot

Mme. Rene De Gas, nee Estelle Musson

Monsieur and Madame Edouard Manet

Monsieur Ruelle

Morning Bath

Morning Ride

Musicians in the Orchestra


Nude from the Rear, Reading

Nude getting out of the Bath

Nude in a Tub

Nude Study of a Dancer

Nude Study

Nude Woman Drying Herself

Nude Woman Pulling on Her Clothes

Nude Woman Standing, Drying Herself



Old Italian Woman

Olive Trees against a Mountainous Background

On Stage I (Sur la scene)

On Stage

On the Racecourse

On the Racing Field

On the Stage

Orchestra Musicians

Orchestra of the Opéra

Out of the Paddock

Pagan and Degas' Father

Pagens and Auguste De Gas

ParadePaul et Virginie Ca

rdinal Bavardant avec des Admirateurs

Paul Valpincon

Paysage d'Italie

Paysage, effet du soir

Paysage, Soleil Couchant

Peasant Girls Bathing in the Sea at Dusk


Pelouse et route sous-bois

Petite danseuse

Pink Dancer

Pink Dancers

Place de la Concorde

Plage A maree basse

Plage mare basse (Embouchure de rivire)

Plowed Field

Portrait after a Costume Ball

Portrait De Femme

Portrait De Femme Assise

Portrait De Giulia Bellelli (Mme Mauri)

Portrait de Rene de Gas

Portrait d'homme (Adelchi Morbilli)

Portrait d'homme,

Portrait d'homme, Head of a Man Portrait in a New Orleans Cotton Office

Portrait of a Lady

Portrait of a Lady in Grey

Portrait of a Man

Portrait of a Woman

Portrait of a Woman in Gray

Portrait of a Woman Wearing a Green Blouse

Portrait of a Young Woman (after Bacchiacca)

Portraits at the Stock Exchange

Portraits in an Office (New Orleans)


Princess Pauline de Metternich

Project for Portraits in a Frieze - Three Women

Promenade by the Sea

Promenade on Houseback

Quatre Danseuses

Quatre Danseuses Nues En Repos

Race Horses


Racecourse, Amateur Jockeys


Racehorses at Longchamp

Racehorses in a Landscape

Racehorses in Front of the Grandstand

Rape of the Sabines

Reading a Letter

Reclining Nude

Red Ballet Skirts


Rehearsal of the Ballet Onstage

Rehearsal on Stage

Rehearsal on the Stage

Rene de Gas (Frere de l'artiste)

Rene De Gas, The Artist Brother

Rene-Hilaire de Gas, Grandfather of the Artist



Return of the Herd

Rider in a Landscape

Rider in a Red Coat

Riders in a Landscape

Riders on a Road

Roman Beggar Woman

Rose Caron

Rue Quesnoy, Saint-Valery-sur-Somme

Russian Dancer

Russian Dancers

Saint Anthony resuscitating a woman killed by her husband

Scene from the Steeplechase: the Fallen Jockey

Scene of War in the Middle Ages


Seated Bather Drying Herself

Seated Dancer Adjusting Her Shoes

Seated Dancer in Profile

Seated Dancer

Seated Nude Combing Her Hair

Seated Woman

Seated Woman Adjusting Her Hair

Seated Woman Combing Her Hair

Seated Woman Drying Her Feet

Seated Woman in a White Dress

Seated Woman

Seated Young Man in a Jacket with an Umbrella

Self Portrait

Self Portrait as a Young Man

Self Portrait Saluting

Self Portrait with Evariste de Valernes

Self-Portrait in a Soft Hat

Self-Portrait: Degas Lifting His Hat

Semiramis Building a City

Semiramis Building Babylon

Singer in a Cafe Concert

Singer in Green

Singer with a Glove

Singers on Stage

Six Friends of the Artist

Song of the Dog

Stage Rehearsal

Standing Dancer Holding Tutu

Standing Female Figure with Bared Torso

Standing Nude


Start of the Hunt

Steep Coast

Still life with Lizard

Studies of the Nude

Studio Interior with 'The Steeplechase'


Tete de Femme

Tete de jeune Femme de face

Tete de Saint Sebastien

Tete d'enfant, d'apres un maatre italien du XVeme siecle

Tete D'Homme

Tetes De Bebe

The Absinthe Drinker

The Ballet

The Bath

The Star (Dancer on Stage)

The Star

Theater box

Theatre scene

Therese de Gas

Three Ballet Dancers

Three Ballet Dancers, One with Dark Crimson Waist

Three Dancers

Three Dancers before Exercise

Three Dancers behind the Scenes

Three Dancers in a Diagonal Line on the Stage

Three Dancers in a Exercise Hall

Three Dancers in Purple Skirts

Three Dancers in the Wings

Three Dancers in Yellow Skirts

Three Dancers, Blue Skirts, Red Blouses

Three Dancers, Green Blouses

Three Dancers: Yellow Skirts, Blue Blouses

Three Girls Bathing

Three Heads

Three Jockeys

Three Russian Dancers

Three Women at the Races


Torso of a Dancer


Trois Danseuses

Trois danseuses (Corsages Verts)

Trois Danseuses (Jupes Jaunes, Corsages Bleus)

Trois Danseuses En Rose

Trois Danseuses Jupes Violettes


Two Ballet Dancers

Two Ballet Dancers Resting

Two Bathers on the Grass

Two Blue Dancers

Two Dancers

Two Dancers at Rest (Dancers in Blue)

Two Dancers Entering the Stage

Two Dancers in Green Skirts, Landscape Scenery

Two Dancers in the Foyer

Two Dancers in the Studio

Two Dancers in Their Dressing Room

Two Dancers in Yellow and Pink

Two Dancers on a Bench

Two Dancers on a Stage

Two Dancers Relaxing

Two Dancers Resting

Two Dancers with Yellow Carsages

Two Dancers.(Deux danseuse)

Two Horses in a Pasture

Two Laundresses and a Horse

Two Riders by a Lake

Two Russian Dancers

Two Studies for 'Music Hall Singers'

Two studies of Riders

Two Women

Two Women in Conversation

Two Women leaning on a Gate

Two Women platter

Two Women Washing

Un homme legerement penche soutenant Une femme

Unhappy Nelly

Venus, after Mantegna

Vestment on a Chair

Victoria Duborg

View of Naples

View of Saint-Valery-sur-Somme

Village Street


Violinist and Young Woman

Visit to a Museum

Visit to the Museum


Wheatfield and Green Hill

Wheatfield and Line of Trees

Woman at a Window

Woman at Her Bath

Woman at Her Toilet

Woman at the Windoiw

Woman Brushing Her Hair

Woman Combing Her Hair

Woman Combing Her Hair before a Mirror

Woman doing her Hair

Woman Drying Her Arms

Woman Drying her Hair after the Bath

Woman Drying Herself

Woman Drying Herself after the Bath

Woman Frottieren

Woman Having a Bath

Woman Having Her Hair Combed

Woman in a Blue Dressing Gown, Torso Exposed

Woman in a Cafe

Woman in Blue

Woman in her Bath, Sponging her Leg

Woman in the Bath

Woman in the Tub

Woman in the Zuber

Woman Ironing

Woman Leaving Her Bath

Woman on a Sofa

Woman on a Terrace

Woman putting on gloves

Woman Seated beside a Vase of Flowers

Woman Seated on a Balcony

Woman Seated on a Bench

Woman Seated on a Canape

Woman Seated on the Grass

Woman Seen from Behind, Drying Hair

Woman Sitting in an Armchair

Woman Sponging Her Chest

Woman Squatting

Woman Touching Her Arm

Woman Trying on a Hat

Woman Tying the Ribbons of Her Hat

Woman Undressing

Woman Washing Her Feet

Woman washing Herself

Woman Washing in the Bath

Woman with a Bandage

Woman with a Towel

Woman with an Umbrella

Woman with Loose Red Hair

Woman with the Oriental Vase

Woman with the woman in the tub

Woman with Two Little Girls

Women Combing their Hair

Women in a Cafe (Femmes au cafe)

Women Ironing

Women Leaning on a Railing

Women on a Cafe Terrace

Yellow Dancers

Young Dancer

Young Girl Braiding Her Hair

Young Girl Lying Down Looking at an Album

Young Girl Reading on the Floor

Young Spartans

Young Spartans

Young Spartans Exercising

Young Woman and Ibis

Young woman arranging flowers

Young Woman in Blue

Young Woman in Street Dress

Young Women Resting in a Field

Zachary Zakarian

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