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Le Havre Trouville 1864 Sailing Ships at Deauville Meuse at Dordrecht
Large Ship Plougastel Daoulas Bathers on the Beach at Trouville Effect of the Moon
Quittebeuf Rivage de Portrieux Cotes-du-Nord Schooners at Anchor at Deauville Beach at Tourgeville 1893
Beach at Trouville The Port 1895 Cherbourg Marine Scene
High Tide at Trouville Rail Road Suspension Bridge Port of Camaret Jetty at High Tide, Trouville
On the Beach at Trouville Return of the Terre Neuvier Port of Bordeaux Lighthouse at Honfleur
Cliffs at Benerville, Sunset Port of Camaret 1872 Woman with a Parasol on the Beach Beach at Tourgeville les Sablons
Approaching Storm Personnages Sur la Plage Venice, Santa Maria Della Salute from San Giorgio Antibes, la Pointe de l'ilette

To order an oil-on-canvas reproduction online click on

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Eugene Boudin Catalog


The following titles are some of the Eugene Boudin paintings available for 
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Abbeville, Street and the Church of Saint-Folfran

Abbeville, Street and the Church of Saint-Vulfran

Afternoon on the Beach

Along the Touques

An Estuary in Brittany

Antibes - Fort Carre

Antibes - Fortifications

Antibes - Point of the Islet

Antibes - Rocks of the Islet

Antibes - Vue pris de la salis


Antwerp - Port

Anvers - Bateaux sur l'Escaut

Anvers - Boats on the Ecaut

Anvers - Boats on the River Scheldt

Anvers - Fishing Boats

Anvers - la tete de Flanders

Anvers - The Port

Anvers - the Scheldt

Approaching Storm

Atlantic coast at Bénerville

Banks of the Seine at Caudebec en Caux

Banks of the Touques

Banks of the Touques - Moonlight

Barges on the Canal, Saint-Valery-sur-Somme

Basin at Deauville

Basin at Fecamp 1894

Basin of the Barre, Le Havre 1895

Basin, Deauville

Bathers on the Beach at Trouville

Bathing Hour at Trouville

Bathing Time at Deauville

Bay and the Mountains of L'Esterel, Golfe-Juan

Bay of Douarnenez

Bay of Fourmis, Beaulieu

Bay of Plougastel

Bay of Villefranche, the Port

Beach at Berck

Beach at Grandchamps

Beach at Scheveningen

Beach at Scheveningen (after Adriaen van de Valde)

Beach at Trouville

Beach at Trouville

Beach at Trouville les Sablons

Beach at Villerville

Beach Huts

Beach near Trouville

Beach of Trouville

Beach Scene

Beach Scene

Beach Scene

Beach Scene at Trouville

Beach Scene at Trouville, Evening

Beach Scene, Deauville

Beach Scene, the Yellow Parasol

Beach Time

Beach, Berck

Beach, Deauville

Beached Boats

Belgique - L'Escaut, Tournant

Berck Dunes

Berck, Fishermen at Low Tide

Berck, Fisherwomen Looking for the Return of the Boats

Berck, Fisherwomen on the Beach, Low Tide

Berck, Group of Fishwomen Seated on the Beach

Berck, Jetty and Sailing Boats at Low Tide

Berck, Low Tide

Berck, the Arrival of the Fishing Boats

Berck, the Beach

Berck, the Beach at Low Tide

Berck, the Departure of the Boats

Berck: Low Tide

Boat Construction Docks at Lormont


Boats at Anchor along the Shore

Boats at Etretat

Boats at the Beach at Low Tide

Boats in the Port, Deauville

Bord de rivière en Bretagne


Bordeaux, a Corner of the Port

Bordeaux, Bacalan, View from the Quay

Bordeaux, Boats on the Garonne

Bordeaux, la Cargonne a Larmont

Bordeaux, Moored Boats on the Garonne

Bordeaux, the Port

Bordeaux. Bateaux amarres sur la Garonne

Bortreux, the Port

Brest, Fishing Boats

Brest, the Banks of the Harbor

Brest, the Harbor

Breton Family by the Fireplace

Breton Landscape

Breton Pardon

Breton Peasants

Breton Shoreline

Bridge on the River Touques at Deauville

Bridge over the Toques at Deauville

Bridge over the Toques at Trouville

Bridge over the Touques

Bridge over the Touques at Deauville

Brittany, Fishermen's Wives on the Shore

Brussels - the Old Fish Market

Brussels, the Louvain Canal


Camaret, Boats in the Harbor

Camaret, Boats on the Shore

Camaret, Fishermen and Boats

Camaret, Fishing Boats at Dock

Camaret, Fishing Boats off the Shore

Camaret, le Toulinguet

Camaret, Low Tide

Camaret, the Bay

Camaret, the Jetty

Camaret, the Port

Camaret, Three Masters Anchored in the Harbor

Camoret, the Harbor

Canal at Saint-Valery-sur-Somme

Canal near Brussels

Canal near Brussels

Canel near Dordrecht

Capture of a Raider

Capture of the 'Petit Rodeur' 1878

Casino de Trouville

Cattle Market at Daoulas, Brittany

Caudebec-en-Caux, Banks of the Saine

Cayeux, Windmill in the Countryside, Morning

Channel in Bruxelles


Cliffs at Etretat 1890


Coast of Brittany

Coast of Portrieux

Coastline at Berck at Low Tide

Coastline at Plougastel

Commerce Basin, Le Havre

Cordier Park, Trouville

Corner of the Deauville Basin

Cour et Ecurie d'un Loueur

Cows in a Field

Cows in a Field under a Stormy Sky

Cows in a Meadow on the Banks of the Toques

Cows in a Meadow, Morning Effect

Cows in a Pasture

Cows in the Fields

Cows in the Meadow

Cows near the Sea

Cows near the Shore

Cows near the Toques

Cows on a Cliff at Villerville

Cows on the Banks of the Touques

Cows on the Riverbanks of the Touques

Crab, Lobster and Fish

Crab, Lobster and Fish (Still Life with Skate)


Crinolines on the Beach

Criqueboeuf - the Church


Deauville Basin

Deauville Harbor

Deauville the Basin

Deauville the Jetty

Deauville, Beach Scene

Deauville, Docked Boats

Deauville, Low Tide

Deauville, Norwegian Three-Master Leaving Port

Deauville, on the Jetty

Deauville, Ruins of the Chateau de Lassay

Deauville, Ships at Dock

Deauville, Sunset on the Beach

Deauville, the Beach, Low Tide

Deauville, the Docks

Deauville, the Dunes

Deauville, the Harbor

Deauville, the Jetty

Deauville, the Port

Deauville: Beach Scene

Dieppe, the Pollet Cliffs

Dock at Deauville

Door of the Touques Church

Dordrecht, Le Meuse, View of Swandrecht

Dordrecht, View of the Port

Douarnenez, Fishing Boats at Dockside

Douarnenez, the Bay, View of I'Ile Tristan

Douarnenez, the Shore and the Bay

Drinkers on the Farm at Saint-Simeon

Dunes at Etaples

Dunkirk, Festival Day

Dunkirk, the Hollandaise Basin

Dunkirk, the Inner Port

Effect of Moonlight

Elegant Women on the Beach

Empress Eugenie at Beach at Trouville

English Coal Ship in View of Trouville

Entering the Port of Havre

Entrance to the Port of Honfleur

Entrance to the Port of Saint-Valery-sur-Somme

Entrance to the Port of Trouville

Environs de Plougastel

Environs de Quillebeuf, Le Bac de la Mailleraye

Estuary at Trouville

Estuary near Camaret

Etaples, Boats in Port

Etaples, La Canache, High Tide

Etaples, La Canache, Low Tide


Etretat, Beached Boats and the Cliff of Aval

Etretat, Boats Stranded on the Beach

Etretat, Laundresses on the Beach, Low Tide

Etretat, the Cliff of Aval

Etretat: Fishermen on the Beach

Etretat: La Falaise d'Aval

Etretat: the Amont Cliff in November

Etretat: the Falaise d'Aval at Sunset

Etudes de femmes en crinolines

Evening, Le Havre 1866

Exiting from Mass at Plougastel

Farm near Quimper

Fecamp the Basin 1883

Fecamp, Le Bassin

Fecamp, the Harbor

Fecamp, the Inner Harbor

Fecamp, the Inner Port under Construction



Fecamp, the New Basin

Fecamp, the Port

Ferry at Plougastel

Ferry to Deauville

Fervaques, a Village Street

Fervaques, Garden and House of Monsieur Jacuette

Fervaques, the Main Street

Festival in the Harbor of Honfleur

Figure Study

Figures on the Beach at Trouville

Fine Weather on the Estuary

Fine Weather, White Clouds

Fish Market

Fish Market, Rotterdam

Fish, Skate and Dogfish

Fisherman, Low Tide

Fishermen and Sailboats near Trouville

Fishermen by the Water

Fishermen of Kerhor Receiving a Blessing at Plougastel

Fishermen's Wives at the Seaside

Fisherwives Waiting for the Boats to Return

Fisherwomen at Berck

Fisherwomen at Brest

Fishing Boat

Fishing Boats Aground and at Sea

Fishing Boats at Berck

Fishing Boats at Sea

Fishwomen at Berck

Fishwomen Seated on the Beach at Berck

Flowers and Fruit in a Garden

Forest Landscape

Four Women at Trouville

Fourmis Bay, Beaulieu

Francois I Tower at Le Havre

Fruit and Vegetables with a Parrot


General View of Camaret

Golfe Juan l'escadre dans la baie

Golfe-Juan, the Bay and the Mountains of Esterel

Gusty Northwest Wind at Antibes

Gypsy Horses

Harbor at Deauville

Harbor of Antibes

Harbor Scene

Harnessed Horses

Harvest near Trouville

Havre, the Outer Harbor

Hen and Her Chicks (after Melchior d'Hondecoeter)

Hennequeville, near Trouville

High Tide at Trouville

Honfleur a Dock

Honfleur Lighthouse

Honfleur Three Master in Port

Honfleur, La Cote de Grace

Honfleur, la ferme Saint Simeon

Honfleur, Sailboats

Honfleur, the Jetty

Honfleur, the Port

Honfleur, the Port Entrance

Honfleur, the Port, Docked Sailboat

Honfleur, the Quarantine Dock and the Cattle Market

Honfleur, the Saint Catherine Market Place

Honfleur, the Shore

Honfleur, Three Master in Port

Honfleur: La Cote de Grace

Hopital-Camfrout, Le Bourg

Horse Drinking

Horses for Hire in a Yard

Hunt for Partridge on the Cliff

In the Vicinity of Honfleur

Inlet at Faou

Inner Port of Trouville at Low Tide

Interior of a Pantry (after Frans Snyders)

Jetty and Lighthouse at Honfleur

Jetty at Trouville - Sunset 1864

Jettys Low Tide Trouville 1891

Jour de fiore, Le Faou

Juan-les-Pins, the Bay and the Shore

Kerhorl, the Bay, Mouth of the River Landerneau

La Meuse at Dordrecht

La Place de la Gare, Deauville

La retenue a Trouville

Ladies and Gentlemen Seated on the Beach with a Dog


Landscape near Deauville

Landscape near Honfleur

Landscape with Sunset

Large Ship 1879

Laundress, near Trouville


Laundresses at Etretat

Laundresses by the Sea

Laundresses in the Port of Honfleur

Laundresses near a Bridge

Laundresses on the Banks of the Port of Trouville

Laundresses on the Banks of the Touques

Laundry Women of Etretat

Lavoir du Chevel Blanc a Trouville

Le bras de mar de Karoulle, Hopital Camfrout

Le Crotay 1891

Le Faou, Banks of the River

Le Faou: Laundresses on the Banks of the River

Le Faou: The Village and the Port on the River

Le Havre

Le Havre - Bassin de l'Eure

Le Havre, a Basin

Le Havre, A Gust of Wind at Frascati

Le Havre, Entrance to the Port

Le Havre, Heavy Winds off of Frascati

Le Havre, La Tour Francois

Le Havre, L'Avant Port

Le Havre, Le Bassin de la Barre

Le Havre, Le Bassin de l'eure

Le Havre, Le Bassin du Commerce

Le Havre, Sailboats at Dock, Bassin de la Barre

Le Havre, Stormy Skies over the Estuary

Le Havre, Sunset at Low Tide

Le Havre, The Boat Basin

Le Havre, the Casimir Delavigne Basin

Le Havre, the Outer Harbor

Le Havre, the Outer Port

Le Havre, the Port

Le Havre, the Quarentine Basin

Le Havre, the Regatta Festival

Le Havre, The Sea at Sunset

Le Havre, the Town Hotel and the Francois I Tower

Le Havre, Three Master at Anchor in the Harbor

Le Havre: A Gust of Wind at Frascati

Le Havre: Bassin de la Barre

Le Havre: European Basin, Sailing Ships at Anchor, Sunset

Le Parc Cordieres a Trouville

Le Port 1886

Le Port a Camaret

Le Rivage a Plougastel

Le Rivage de Villerville

Le Treport

Leaving Mass at Plougastel

Leaving Mass in Brittany

Leaving Port

L'Entree du Port de Havre

Leonard-Sebastien Boudin

Les Coutières de Plougastel

Les Dunes à Etaples

Les Dunes a Etaples Polder Landscape 1891

Lighthouse at Honfleur 1864-66

Local Pilgrimmage at Landerneau

Lock at Saint-Valery-sur-Somme

Lock at Trouville

Low Tide and Sunset 1885

Low Tide at Berck

Low Tide at Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue

Low Tide at Scheveningen

Low Tide at Trouville

Low Tide near Honfleur

Low Tide, Grounded Sailboats

Luncheon on the Grass, the Family of Eugene Manet

Madame S with Her Children in their Garden at Trouville

Maree basse à Trouville

Marine scene 1894

Marines Landing in Brest Harbor

Market at Landenneau

Market at Trouville

Market Scene

Merchant Dock

Meuse At Dordrecht

Mill, Saint-Cenery

Mole from Deauville

Moonlight on the Marshes, The Toques

Moonlit Seascape

Mouth of the Elorn in the Area of Brest

Mullet and Fish

Nanny on the Beach

Near Antibes

Near Camaret

Near Faou

Near Honfleur

Near Rotterdam

Norman Beach, Arcenciel

Norman Landscape

Norman Pasture

Norman Trotters

Oiseme at Harvest Time

Oiseme Landscape, near Chartres

Old Mill at Saint-Ceneri

On the Beach

On the Beach, Dieppe

On the Beach, Sunset

On the Jetty

Open Sea

Pasturage on the Banks of the Touques

Pasturage, the Valley of the Touques

Pasture at Deauville

Pasture in the Touques Valley

Pasture on the Banks of the Touques

Petit Port de Saint-Jean near Villefranche

Pheasant, Duck and Fruit

Piazzetta San Marco in Venedig

Pier in Venice

Pilgrimage to Cythera (after Watteau)

Plage de Trouville 1866

Plougastel, the Ferry Passage

Plougastel, Women Waiting for the Ferry

Pond at Sunset


Port at Low Tide

Port at Saint-Vaast-la-Houghe

Port Deauville 1887

Port du Havre, in the Evening

Port of Antibes

Port of Antwerp

Port of Bordeaux

Port of Deauville

Port of Dieppe 1888

Port of Dunkirk 1891

Port of Landerneau - Finistere

Port of Le Havre at Sunset

Port of Rotterdam

Port of Trouville

Port of Trouville Low Tide 1897

Port of Trouville the Market Place and the Ferry 1884

Port of Trouville, High Tide

Port of Trouville, Low Tide

Port of Trouville, the Market Place and the Ferry

Port Scene

Port, Deauville

Port, Fecamp

Port, Sailboats at Anchor

Port, Ships at Dock

Portrait of a Little Girl

Portrait of the Artist's Father

Portreiux, the Port at Low Tide


Portrieux, Boats at Anchor in Port

Portrieux, Boats in the Park

Portrieux, Fishing Boats at Low Tide

Portrieux, the Port

Portrieux, the Port at Low Tide

Portrieux, the Port at Low Tide, Unloading Fish

Princess Metternich on the Beach

Quatre Femmes a la Plage

Quay at Honfleur

Quay at Villefranche

Quillebeuf, View of the Church from the Canal

Racetrack at Deauville

Return of the Terre Neuvier 1875

River near Abbeville 1894

River near d'Abbeville

River near Dunkirk

River Scheldt

Riviere de l'hospital

Road from Trouville to Honfleur

Rocks at Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue

Rocks of l'Ilette and the Fortifications

Rotterdam, a Corner of the Basin

Rotterdam, Le Pont de Bourse

Rotterdam, the Commodities Exchange Port

Rotterdam, the Pont de la Bourse

Rouen the Pont Corneille Fog Effect 1896

Rouen View from the Queen's Way 1895

Rouen View over the River Seine 1895

Rouen, the Pont Corneille, Fog Effect

Rouen, the Santa-Catherine Coast, Morning Mist

Rouen, View from the Queen's Way

Rouen, View over the River Seine

Rough Seas

Sailboats at the Quay

Sailboats near Trouville

Sailing Boats at Anchor

Sailing Boats at Quay

Sailing Ships at Deauville

Sailing Ships Entering Port

Saint Valery sur Somme, the Abbeville Canal

Saint-Cenery, a Pond

Saint-Cenery, the Church and the Bridge

Sainte-Adresse, the Shore

Saint-Simeon Farm

Saint-Vaast-la-Houghe, the Rocks and the Fort


Saint-Valery-sur-Somme, Moonrise over the Canal

Saint-Valery-sur-Somme, the Bridge on the Lock

Saint-Valery-sur-Somme, the Canal d'Abbeville

Saint-Velery-sur-Somme, Barges on the Canal

Scene on the Beach

Scheveningen, Boats Aground on the Shore

Sea at Douarnenez



Seascape with Large Sky

Seascape, Fishing Boats

Seascape, Les Lamaneurs


Seaside Watering Place

Seine at Caudebec-en-Caux

Seine at Quilleboeuf

Seine near Rouen 1895

Ships at Le Havre


Shore and the Sea, Villerville

Shore at Low Tide near Honfleur

Shore at Low Tide, Rainy Weather, near Trouville

Shore at Plougastel

Shore at Sainte-Adresse, Low Tide

Shore at Tourgeville

Shore at Villerville

Shore near Honfleur

Shoreline with Rising Tide, October

Shores of Sainte Adresse at Twilight


Sky at Sunset

Small Canal at Quilleboeuf

Small Canal in Venice

Small Canal in Venice

Somme at Saint-Valery-sur-Somme

Somme near D'Abbeville - Moonlight

Spray of Flowers

Spray of Flowers - Hollyhocks

Squall from Northwest

Standing off Deauville

Still Life with a Leg of Lamb

Still Life with Fowl

Still River at Deauville

Strand in Trouville

Stranded Boat

Street, Antibes

Study for 'Marines Landing in Brest Harbor'

Study of a Farm, St-Ceneri

Study of Cattle

Study of Cows c.1860

Study of Laundresses


Te Trouville Jetty

Three Masted Ship at Dock

Three Masted Ship in Port

Three Masted Ship in Port, Bordeaux

Three Masted Ship in the Harbor

Toques at Saint-Arnoult

Tour Malakoff and the Trouville Shore

Tourgeville Shores

Town of Dordrecht

Trois-Mats au Port


Trouville at Low Tide

Trouville Basin

Trouville Beach

Trouville Beach

Trouville Beach Scene

Trouville Chanel, Low Tide

Trouville Coastline, Low tide

Trouville Fish Market 

Trouville greve at Rochers

Trouville Harbor

Trouville Heights

Trouville the Jettys Low Tide

Trouville the Port 1869

Trouville, Bathing Hour

Trouville, Beach Scene

Trouville, Black Rocks

Trouville, Fish Market

Trouville, Le Chemin de la Corderie

Trouville, le port

Trouville, les jetees, mer haute

Trouville, Low Tide

Trouville, on the Beach Sheltered by a Parasol

Trouville, Panorama of the Beach

Trouville, Sardine Boats Getting Underway

Trouville, Shore and Rocks

Trouville, the Beach at Low Tide

Trouville, the Ferry to Deauville

Trouville, the Fish Market

Trouville, the Inner Port, Low tide

Trouville, the Jettys, High Tide

Trouville, the Jettys, Low Tide

Trouville, the Piers, High Tide

Trouville, the Port

Trouville, the Port at Low Tide

Trouville, the Port, Boats and Dinghys

Trouville, the Port, Low Tide, Morning

Trouville, the View from Deauville on Market Day

Trouville, Under a Tent

Trouville, View from Deauville, a Day in March

Trouville, View from the Heights

Trouville: the Outer Harbor

Twilight over the Basin of Le Havre

Two Woman (after Adriaen van Ostade)

Une femme orientale d’apres des vitraux d’eglise

Unloading a Newfoundland Fishing Boat

Vaces au Paturage

Vaisseaux a l'ancre devant Venise

Valley of the Touques

Vauban Basin at Havre


Venice the Campanile the Ducal Palace and the Piazetta 1895

Venice, Le Mole et la Salute

Venice, Quai de la Guidecca

Venice, the Campanile, the Ducal Palace and the Piazzetta, View from San Giorgio

Venice, the Campanile, View of Canal San Marco from San Giorgio

Venice, the Canal de la Gandara

Venice, the Customs House

Venice, the Dock of the Guidecca

Venice, the Grand Canal

Venice, the Mole at the Entrance of the Grand Canal and the Salute

Venice, View from San Giorgio

Venice, View from the Grand Canal

Vessel at Anchor outside of Venice

Vessels and Horses on the Shoreline

View at Saint-Quay-Portriaux

View from the Camaret Heights

View of Dordrecht

View of La Touques

View of Rotterdam

View of Saint-Vaast-La-Houghe

View of the Harbor at Trouville

View of the Port of Trouville, High Tide

View of Venice

Village around Dunkirk

Village by a River

Village in Brittany

Villefranche Harbor

Villefranche, the Citadel

Villefranche, the Harbor

Villers, Beach Scene

Villerville, the Shore

Voilier au Port

Walk on the Beach

White Clouds

White Clouds over the Estuary

White Clouds, Blue Sky

White Horse

White Horse

White Horse at the Feeding Trough

Woman on the Beach

Windmills and Canel near Dordrecht

Woman and Children on the Beach at Trouville

Woman with a Parasol on the Beach 1880

Women Fishing for Shrimp at Kerhor

Women on the Beach, Rough Seas

Young Women in Crinolines on the Beach




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