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Saint Roch Napoleon Crossing The Alps Belisarius Andromache Mourning Hector
Oath of Horatii Farewell of Telemachus & Eucharis

Death of Socrates

Monsieur Lavoisier & His Wife
Henriette de Verninac Madame Seriziat Louise Trudaine Death of Marat
Madame Recamier Antiochus & Stratonice Portrait of Pope Pius VII

Consecration of Emperor Napoleon

 (Coronation of the Empress Josephine)

To order an oil-on-canvas reproduction online click on

the image of the painting.

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Jacques Louis David Catalog


The following titles are some of the Jacques Louis David paintings available for 
reproduction.  To have any of the paintings below reproduced or if there is  
a painting you are interested in but is not listed below, you can reach us at 
888.284.9671 (801.446.1239 internationally) or Sales@CanvasReplicas.com. 

Allegory of the French People Offering the Crown and Sceptre to the King

Alphonse Leroy

Amelia van Buren

Andromache Mourning Hector

Anne-Marie-Louise Thélusson, Comtesse de Sorcy

Antiochus and Stratonice

Antoine-Laurent and Marie-Anne Lavoisier

Arrival at the Hotel de Ville

Belisarius Receiving Alms

Bonaparte, Calm on a Fiery Steed, Crossing the Alps


Charles Pierre PeCoul  

Charlotte and Zenaide Bonaparte

Charlotte David

Christ on the Cross

Combat of Mars and Minerva

Comtesse Vilain XIIII and her Daughter

Consecration of the Emperor Napoleon

Consecration of the Emperor Napoleon I and Coronation of the Empress Josephine

Coronation of the Empress Josephine

Count de Turenne

Count Français de Nantes

Countess Daru

Courtship of Paris and Helen

Crossing the Alps

Cupid and Psyche

Death of Bara

Death of Marat

Death of Marat

Death of Seneca

Death of Socrates

Deputies swearing Oaths

Emilie Seriziat

Emmanuel-Joseph Sieyès

Empress Josephine Kneeling

Empress Josephine Kneeling with De La Rochefoucauld and De La Valette

English Government

Farewell of Telemachus and Eucharis

Fortune Teller

François Buron

Funeral of Patroclus

Gaspar Mayer

General Bonaparte

General Gerard

Geneviève Jacqueline Pecoul

Grief of Andromache

Head of a Bearded Man after a Roman bust

Head of the Dead Marat


Homer Reciting his Verses to the Greeks

In his Workshop

Intervention of the Sabine Women

Jacobus Blauw

Jacobus Blauw

Jacques-François Desmaisons

Jean Pierre Delahaye

Jeanbon Saint-André

Juliette Recamier

Laure Emile Felicite David Baronne Meunier

Lazre Hoche

Leonidas at Thermopylae

Lictors Bringing Brutus the Bodies of His Sons

Lictors Returning to Brutus the Bodies of his Sons

Louis XVI Showing the Constitution to His Son the Dauphin

Louise Trudaine

Loves of Paris and Helen

Madame Adelaide Pastoret

Madame Raymond de Verninac

Madame Recamier

Madame Seriziat

Madame Trudaine

Male Nude (Hector)

Male Nude (Patroclus)

Marguerite-Charlotte David

Marie Antoinette on the way to the Guillotine

Marie-Françoise Buron

Marquise d'Orvilliers

Mars Disarmed by Venus and the Three Graces


Monsieur Lavoisier and His Wife

Monsieur Seriziat

Napoleon at the St. Bernard Pass

Napoleon Bonaparte crossing the Alps by the Great Saint Bernard Pass

Napoleon Crossing the Alps

Napoleon Holding Josephine's Crown

Napoleon in his Study

Napoleon in his study in the Tuileries Palace, a detail

Napoleon in Imperial Garb

Oath of the Horatii

Oath of the Horatii

Oath of the Tennis Court

Paris and Helen

Paris with Juno and Minerva


Philippe-Laurent de Joubert

Pierre Seriziat

Pope Pius VII

Pope Pius VII

Pope Pius VII and the Cardinal Caprara

Portrait of a Young Woman In a Turban

Portrait of Alphonse Leroy

Portrait of Amelia van Buren

Portrait of Antoine-Laurent and Marie-Anne Lavoisier

Portrait of Charles Pierre PeCoul Contractor of Royal Buildings

Portrait of Charlotte and Zenaide Bonaparte

Portrait of Charlotte David (Madame David)

Portrait of Count Stanislaw Potocki

Portrait of Countess Daru

Portrait of Doctor Alphonse Leroy

Portrait of Emilie Seriziat and her Son

Portrait of Emmanuel-Joseph Sieyès

Portrait of François Buron

Portrait of Gaspar Mayer

Portrait of General Bonaparte

Portrait of Geneviève Jacqueline Pecoul

Portrait of Ingres

Portrait of Jacques-François Desmaisons

Portrait of Jean Pierre Delahaye

Portrait of Jeanbon Saint-André

Portrait of Lazre Hoche

Portrait of Louise Trudaine

Portrait of Madame Adelaide Pastoret

Portrait of Madame Seriziat

Portrait of Marguerite-Charlotte David

Portrait of Marie-Françoise Buron

Portrait of Mme ReCamier Detail

Portrait of Monsieur Lavoisier and His Wife

Portrait of Napoleon in Imperial Garb

Portrait of Philippe-Laurent de Joubert

Portrait of Pierre Seriziat

Portrait of Pope Pius VII

Portrait of Pope Pius VII and the Cardinal Caprara

Portrait of Ramel de Nogaret

Portrait of Suzanne Le Pelletier De Saint Fargeau

Portrait of the Artist

Portrait of the Comtesse Vilain XIIII and her Daughter

Portrait of the Count de Turenne

Portrait of the Count Français de Nantes

Portrait of the Marquise d'Orvilliers

Ramel de Nogaret

Rape of Lucretia

Representative of the People on Duty

Sappho and Phaon

Self Portrait


St Roch Asking the Virgin Mary to Heal Victims of the Plague

Stanislaw Potocki

Study after Michelangelo

Study for the Coronation

Study for the Distribution of the Eagle Standards

Suzanne Le Pelletier De Saint Fargeau

Tennis Court Oath

Three Horatii Brothers

Venetian Lady at Her Toilette (Venitienne A Sa Toilette)

View of the Garden of the Luxembourg Palace

View of the Interior of the Tennis Court

View of the Tiber and Castel St Angelo

Woman in a Turban

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