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Three Sails - Joaquin Sorolla
Waiting Sad Inheritance Gardens at the Sorolla House Three Sails
Walk on the Beach Two Sisters Portrait of Dr Simarro On the Beach at Valencia
Children in the Sea Children on the Seashore Sewing the Sail Another Marguerite
Valencian Fisherman Baptism Beach at Valencia Before Bathing
In the Rowing Boat Zarauz Bathers at Valencia Milkmaid My Wife and Daughters in the Garden
Fish Market Young Yachtsman Return from Fishing (Retour de la Peche) Siesta
Seville, the Dance La Fiesta del Pan Aragon, Jota

To order an oil-on-canvas reproduction online click on

the image of the painting.

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Joaquin Sorolla Catalog


The following titles are some of the Joaquin Sorolla paintings available for 
reproduction.  To have any of the paintings below reproduced or if there is  
a painting you are interested in but is not listed below, you can reach us at 
888.284.9671 (801.446.1239 internationally) or Sales@CanvasReplicas.com. 

A Rooftop with Flowers

Academic Life Study

Adarves Garden, Alhambra

After a Bathe

After Bathing, Valencia

After the Bath

After the Bath, Valencia

Afternoon Sun

Afternoon Sun at the Alcazar at Seville

Afternoon Sun, Playa de Valencia


Alcazar at Seville

Alphonso XIII in Hussars Uniform

And They Still Say Fish is Expensive

Andalusia, The Round Up

Another Margarita

Apunte de la Playa

Aragon, La Jota

Arrival of the Boats

Arrival of the Boats

Arrival of the Fishing Boats on the Beach, Valencia

Artist's Patio, Cafe Novedades, Seville

Asturian Landscape


Aureliano de Beruete


Basel Mundy

Bath time, Valencia

Bath, Javea

Bathing at La Granja

Bathing at Valencia

Bathing Time

Beach at Biarritz

Beach at Biarritz

Beach at Valencia (Afternoon Sun)

Beach at Zarauz

Beached Boats

Beaching the Boat (study)

Before the Bath

Beneath the Canopy

Benito Perez Galdos

Blessing the Boat

Blind Man of Toledo

Boat Builders

Boats in the Port, Valencia

Boats on the Beach

Boy in Sea Foam

Boy on the Rocks, Javea

Boy on the Sand

Boys in the Sea

Boys on the Beach

Bread Fiesta (Castile)

Breakwater at San Sebastian

Cafe de Paris

Calle de St Vicente, Mallorca

Casa de Huerta, Valencia (study)

Cattle Fair at Galicia

Cave at San Antonio, Javea

Cave at San Javea

Cemetery at Sierra Nevada, Granada

Children at the Beach

Children Bathing in the Afternoon Sun

Children in the Sea

Children in the Sea, Valencia Beach

Children on the Beach, Valencia

Children on the Seashore

Childs Siesta


Christian Franzen

Clothilde at the Beach

Clotilde and Elena on the Rocks at Javea

Clotilde in a Black Dress

Clotilde in Evening Dress

Clotilde Sitting on the Sofa

Coast at San Sebastian

Coast at Santa Cristina

Coast near San Sebastian

Countess of Santiago


Drinking Jug

El Puente Viejo de Avila

Elderly Castellano Pouring Wine

Elena at her Desk

Elena in a Yellow Tunic

Elena in cove, San Vicente at Majorca

Elenita at the Beach, Asturias

Encajonando Pasas, Javea

End of the Day, Javea

Escena Valenciana

Ex Voto

Family Eratruriz

Father Jofré Protecting a Madman

Female nude

Field in Asturias

Fiesta Gallega

First child

Fish (Catalonia)

Fisherman in Valencia


Fisherwomen on the Beach, Valencia

Fishing Boats

Fishing Nets

Fountain at the Alcazar in Sevilla

Fountain in the Alcázar of Seville

Fountain of Neptune, La Granja

Galicia, the Pilgrimage

Game of Skittles

Garden of Lindaraja

Garden of Spanish Farmhouse

Gardens at San Ildefonso

Gardens of Alcazar, Seville

Gardens of La Granja

Gardens of the Alcázar

Gardens of the Alcázar of Seville in Wintertime

Generalife Granada


Gray Day on Valencia beach

Guitar Players, Valencia

Happy Day

Head of an Italian Girl

Herding Geese in the Asturias

Horse Bath

Idyll, Javea

In Hope of the Fishing

In the Beach, Valencia

In the Garden

In the Racing Shell

Inquisitive Child

Isla del Cap Marti, Javea

Italian Girl with Flowers

Jota (Aragon)

King Alfonso

La Playa de Biarritz

La Prenssa

La Salute, Venice

La Vendemia

Lighthouse walk at Biarritz

Looking for Crabs among the Rocks, Javea

Looking for Shellfish

Los Adarves Gardens, the Alhambra, Granada

Los Adarves Gardens, The Alhambra, Granada

Louis Comfort Tiffany

Malvarossa, Valencia


Maria at the Beach, Biarritz

Maria dressed as a Valencian Peasant Girl

Maria on the Beach, Zarauz

Maria Painting in El Pardo

Maria Sick

Maria, Watching the Fish, Granja

Marian in the Gardens, la Granja

Mariana de Pontejos


Meal on the Boat

Mending Nets

Mending the Sail

Midday on Valencia Beach


Monte Ullia, San Sebastian

Morning Sun


Mother and Daughter, Valencia beach

Mountains at Jaca

My Family

My Wife and Daughters in the Garden

Nap, Asturias

Navarre, the Town Council of Roncal



Net Menders in Valencia

Old Valencian Fisherman

On San Sebastian Beach

On the Beach, Valencia

On the Coast of Valencia

On the Rocks at Javea

On the Sand, Valencia Beach

On the sands at Zarauz Beach

Orange Seller

Orange Trees on the Road to Seville

Outskirts of Segovia

Outskirts of Seville

Oxen at the Beach

Palm Grove

Peeling Potatoes


Pine Trees

Pink Wrap

Port Valencia

Portrait of a Caballero

Portrait of a Jack Russell

Portrait of Clothilde

Preparing Raisins

President Taft

Promenade by the Sea

Puente de Real

Queen Victoria Eugenia of Spain


Reflections at the Cape, Javea

Reflections in a Fountain


Reservoir at the Alcazar in Seville

Resting Bacchante

Retrato de Mujer

Return from Fishing

Return from Fishing

Return of the Catch

Riding in a Group, Valencia

River la Reina Valsain

Rocks and the Lighthouse, Biarritz

Rocks at Javea

Rocks at Javea, The White Boat

Rocks of the Cape, Javea


Rose Bush at the Sorolla House

Ruins of Bunol

Running along the Beach

Sacando la Barca

Sad Inheritance

Sailing Vessels on a Breezy Day, Valencia

San Martin Bridge at Toledo

Sea and Rocks in San Esteban, Asturias

Sea at Ibiza

Sea Idyll


Seated Nude

Self Portrait

Setting sun in Biarritz

Seville, the Bullfighters

Seville, the Dance

Sewing the Sail

Shadow of Alcantara Bridge, Toledo

Sierra Nevada from the Alhambra, Granada

Sierra Nevada, Granada


Skipping Rope at La Granja

Small Cove, Javea


Snapshot at Biarritz

Snapshot, Biarritz

Stemming Raisins, Javea

Street in Granada

Strolling along the Seashore

Suckling Child


Swimmers, Javea

The Waves

Three Errazuriz Sisters

Three Sails

To the Water

To the Water, Valencia

Tower of Seven, pont Alhambra, Granada

Triana Bridge, Seville

Tunny Catch

Two Sisters

Two sisters

Types from the Anso Valley

Under the Awning, Zarauz


Valencia beach

Valencia Beach in the Morning Light

Valencia Beach, Fisherwomen

Valencia Landscape

Valencia, Couples on Horseback

Valencia, Two LIttle Girls on a Beach

Valencian Boats

Valencian Dance in an Orange Grove

Valencian Fiesta in an Orange Grove

Valencian Fishermen

Valencian Fishwives

Valencian Scene

Valencia's Port

View of Plascencia

View of Segovia

View of Toledo


Washerwomen (sketch)

Watching the Fish

Waterwheel, Javea


Waves at San Sebastian

White Boat, Javea

White Roses from the House Garden

Windmills on the Tagus, Toledo

Wounded Foot

Yellow Tree, La Granja

Yet They Say Fish is Expensive

Young Amphibians

Young Yachtsman

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