Claude Monet Gallery III

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Three Poplar Trees in the Autumn - Claude Monet  

Banks of the Seine at Vétheuil - Claude Monet

Fields of Bezons - Claude Monet

CM 218

Three Poplar Trees in the Autumn - Claude Monet

CM 219

Monet's Poplar Series Gallery

Banks of the Seine at Vétheuil - Claude Monet

CM 220

 Irises at Giverny - Claude Monet

Irises at Giverny - Claude Monet

CM 221


Agapanthus - Claude Monet

CM 222

Nympheas 1915 II - Claude Monet

CM 223

Water Lilies Gallery

Bodmer Oak at the Fontainebleau Forest - Claude Monet

                     CM 224                   

Etretat - End of the Day - Claude Monet

CM 225

Grainstack (Sun in the Mist) - Claude Monet

CM 226

Bathers at La Grenouillère - Claude Monet  

CM 227

Japanese Bridge 1899 - Claude Monet

CM 228

Water Lilies Gallery

Houses of Parliament (Fog Effect) - Claude Monet

CM 229

Haystack at Giverny - Claude Monet  

CM 230

Artist's Family in the Garden - Claude Monet

 CM 231

Interior after Dinner - Claude Monet

CM 232

Gondolas in Venice - Claude Monet

          CM  233            

Flower Island near Vetheuil - Claude Monet

CM 234

Poplars, Autumn, Pink Effect - Claude Monet

CM 235

Monet's Poplar Series Gallery

House of the Gardener at Antibes - Claude Monet

CM 236

Lavacourt under the Snow - Claude Monet

CM 237

Bazille & Camille - Claude Monet

CM 238

Nympheas reflets de Saule - Claude Monet

CM 239

Water Lilies Gallery

Parc Monceau 1876 - Claude Monet

CM 240

Gray Day at Bridge at Argenteuil - Claude Monet

CM 241

Fields of Poppies at Giverny - Claude Monet 

Fields of Poppies at Giverny - Claude Monet

CM 242

London & Waterloo Bridge - Claude Monet

   CM 243

Red Handkerchief - Claude Monet

CM 244

Beach at Trouville - Claude Monet 

Beach at Trouville - Claude Monet

CM 245   

Water Lilies 1908 - Claude Monet

CM 246

Water Lilies Gallery

Poppy Fields at Saint Martin Isle - Claude Monet

CM 247

Chrysanthemums - Claude Monet

CM 248

Poplars near Argenteuil - Claude Monet

CM 249

Blue Water Lilies 1916 - Claude Monet

CM 250

Water Lilies Gallery


Turkey - Claude Monet

CM 251

Bordighera - Claude Monet

CM 252

Rouen Cathedral facade 1892-1894 - Claude Monet

CM 253

Monet's Rouen Cathedral Gallery

Artist's House at Argenteuil - Claude Monet

  CM 254

Water Lilies 1919 - Claude Monet

CM 255

Water Lilies Gallery

Japanese Bridge 1900 - Claude Monet

CM 256

Water Lilies Gallery

Gray Day at Waterloo Bridge - Claude Monet

  CM 257

Arm of the Seine in the Fog - Claude Monet

CM 258

Woman Seated on a Bench - Claude Monet

CM 259

Landscape near Zaandam - Claude Monet

  CM 260

Fishers at Poissy - Claude Monet

CM 261

Cliffs at Pourville - Claude Monet

CM 262

Purple Poppies - Claude Monet

  CM 263

Moreno Garden at Bordighera - Claude Monet

CM 264

Bassin aux Nymphéas Avec Iris - Claude Monet

CM 265

Water Lilies Gallery

Flood Waters - Claude Monet

CM 266

Lunch - Claude Monet

CM 267

Houses of Parliament (Reflections on the Thames) - Claude Monet

CM 268

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