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Temple of Janus - Peter Paul Rubens

Chained Prometheus Temple of Janus Boar Hunt Adoration of the Magi

Andromeda - Peter Paul Rubens

Portrait of Nicholas Rubens Andromeda Entombment (detail) Allegory of Sight w/ Jan Brueghel

Four Parts of the World - Peter Paul Rubens

St. Peter Finding the Tribute Money Four Parts of the World Helene Fourment with Her Children Isabella Brant

Head of a Girl - Peter Paul Rubens

St. Ildefonso Altar Archduchess Isabella Head of a Girl Apotheosis of Henry IV Tiberius and Agrippina

Four Evangelists - Paul Peters Rubens

Portrait of Isabella Brant Four Evangelists Union of Earth and Water St. Ildefonso Altar The Holy Family under the Apple Tree

St. Sebastian - Peter Paul Rubens

Argus and Mercury St. Sebastian Portrait of Marie de' Medici Lioness

Madonna and Child Enthroned with Saints - Peter Paul Rubens

Daniel in the Lions' Den Madonna and Child Enthroned with Saints Decius Mus Addressing the Legions Coronation of Marie de' Medici

Consequences of War - Peter Paul Rubens

Madonna in a Garland of Flowers w/ Jan Bruegel Consequences of War St. Jerome Institution of the Regency

Death of Seneca - Peter Paul Rubens

Birth of Louis XIII Death of Seneca Christ Risen Henry IV at the Battle of Ivry

Diana Returning from the Chase.with Frans Snyder - Peter Paul Rubens

Landscape with the Château Steen Diana Returning from the Chase w/ Frans Snyder Meeting at Lyons Holy Family with St. Elizabeth

Landing at Marseilles - Peter Paul Rubens

Venus at a Mirror Landing at Marseilles Old Woman with Chafing Dish Three Graces

Judgment of Paris - Peter Paul Rubens

Champion of Virtue Judgment of Paris Statue of Ceres Marriage

Bacchanalia - Peter Paul Rubens

Henry IV Receives the Portrait Bacchanalia Portrait of a Woman II Music Making Angels

Peasant Dance - Peter Paul Rubens

Portrait of a Girl Peasant Dance Meeting of Abraham and Melchizedek Self Portrait without a Hat

St. Cecilia - Peter Paul Rubens

Queen Tomyris before the Head of Cyrus St. Cecilia Triumph of the Church Abduction of Ganymede
Rubens, his Wife and Son

To order an oil-on-canvas reproduction online click on

the image of the painting.

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