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The Massacre of the Innocents - Peter Paul Rubens

The Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus
Massacre of the Innocents
 The Four Philosophers
Lion Hunt

Susanne Fourment - Peter Paul Rubens

Birth of Marie de' Medici
Susanne Fourment Equestrian Portrait of the Duke of Lerma Exchange of Princesses

Peace of Angers - Peter Paul Rubens

Democritus Peace of Angers Marie's Education Hippopotamus and Crocodile Hunt

Christ in the House of Martha and Mary w/ Jan Bruegel - Peter Paul Rubens

Happiness of the Regency Christ in the House of Martha and Mary w/ Jan Bruegel St. George and the Dragon Destiny of Marie de' Medici

St. Gregory, St. Maurus, St. Papianus and St. Domitilla - Peter Paul Rubens

Queen's Reconciliation with Her Son St. Gregory, St. Maurus, St. Papianus and St. Domitilla Judith with the Head of Holofernes Assumption of the Virgin
Fur Cloak (Helene Fourment) - Peter Paul Rubens Perseus and Andromeda - Peter Paul Rubens Majority of Louis XIII - Peter Paul Rubens

Marchesa Brigida Spinola Doria - Peter Paul Rubens

Fur Cloak (Helene Fourment) Perseus and Andromeda Majority of Louis XIII Marchesa Brigida Spinola Doria

Bathsheba at the Fountain - Peter Paul Rubens

Portrait of a Woman Bathsheba at the Fountain Perseus Liberating Andromeda Stormy Landscape with Philemon and Baucis

Alathea Howard, Countess of Arundel - Peter Paul Rubens

Triumph Entrance of Henry IV into Paris Alathea Howard, Countess of Arundel St. Jerome in His Hermitage Flight from Blois

Ulysses on the Island of the Phaeacians - Peter Paul Rubens

Rubens and Isabella Brant in the Bower of Honeysuckle Ulysses on the Island of the Phaeacians Lady-in-Waiting of the Infanta Isabella Treaty of Angouleme

Christ on the Cross - Peter Paul Rubens

Return of the Peasants from the Fields Christ on the Cross Madonna and Child Lamentation

Forest at Dawn with a Deer Hunt - Peter Paul Rubens

Lady with a Rosary Forest at Dawn with a Deer Hunt Mucius Scaevola Before Porsenna w/ Anthony van Dyck Infant with a Bird

Nicholas Rubens - Peter Paul Rubens

Madonna with the Saints Nicholas Rubens Philomenes Recognized by the Old Woman Deborah Kip and Her Children

Garden of Love - Peter Paul Rubens

Triumph of Truth Garden of Love Odysseus and Nausicaa Elevation of the Cross

Hercules Drunk, Being Led Away By a Nymph and a Satyr - Peter Paul Rubens

Battle of the Amazons Hercules Drunk, Being Led Away By a Nymph and a Satyr Council of the Gods Capture of Juliers

Fall of the Rebel Angels - Peter Paul Rubens

Artist's Sons Albert and Nicholas Fall of the Rebel Angels Last Supper Descent from the Cross

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Peter Paul Rubens Catalog


The following titles are some of the Peter Paul Rubens paintings available for 
reproduction.  To have any of the paintings below reproduced or if there is  
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Abduction of Ganymede

Achilles defeated Hector

Adoration of the Magi

Aeneas and His Family Departing from Troy

Albert and Nicolaas Rubens

Allegory of War

Altarpiece of St Ildefonso

An Old Woman with a Chafing Dish

Angelica and the Hermit


Apollo in the Chariot of the Sun

Apotheosis of Henry IV and the Proclamation

Archduke Albrecht VII


Arrival of Maria of Medici and Henry to Lyon

Artists Sons Albert And Nicholas

Assumption of Mary

Assumption of the Virgin

Bacchanal at Andros


Bacchus and Satyrs

Baptism of Christ

Battle of the Amazons

Birth of Louis XIII

Boar Hunt

Boy with Bird

Capture of Juliers

Champion of Virtue (Mars) Crowned by the Goddess of Victory

Charles V and the Empress Isabella

Chateau De Steen

Christ and Mary Magdalene

Christ at Simon the Pharisee

Christ In the House Of Martha and Mary

Christ on the Cross between the Two Thieves

Christ Risen

Christoffel Plantin

Clara Eugenia, Governess of the Netherlands


Consequences of War

Conversion of St Paul

Coronation of Marie de' Medici

Council of the Gods

Countess Alathea Howard

Crowning of St Catherine


Cupid Making His Bow

Dance of Italian Villagers

Death of Constantine the Great

Defeat of Sennacherib

Democritus and Heraclitus

Departure of Lot and his Family from Sodom


Deposition from the Cross

Descent from the Cross

Destiny of Marie De Medici

Diana and Callisto

Diana and her Nymphs Surprised by the Fauns

Diana Returning from Hunt

Diana with Nymphs

Drunken Hercules

Drunken Silenus

Duke of Lerma

Education of Marie de' Medici

Elevation of the Cross


Equestrian Portrait of the Duke of Lerma

Evening Landscape

Fall of Icarus

Fall of Phaeton

Fall of the Damned

Fall of the Rebel Angels

Farmer's Fair

Feast of Herod

Flight from Blois

Forest at Dawn with Deer Hunt

Four Evangelists

Four Philosophers

Four Studies of the Head of a Negro


Fur Cloak (Helene Fourment)

Garden of Love

Gaspard Schoppins


Gonzaga Family Worshipping the Holy Trinity

Head of a Bearded Man

Head of Medusa

Helen Fourment in Furs

Helena Fourment

Helena Fourment with her Children, Clara, Johanna and Frans

Helene Fourment with Her Children

Henry IV at the Battle of Ivry

Henry IV seizes the Opportunity

Hercules Crowned by Genii

Hermit and the Sleeping Angelica

Hero and Leander

Het Pelsken

Holy Basil

Holy Family

Holy Family with Saints Francis and Anne

Holy Family with St Elizabeth

Holy Family with Sts Elizabeth and John the Baptist

Holy Women at the Sepulchre

Immaculate Conception

Incredulity of St Thomas

Institution of the Regency

Isabella Brandt

Isabella Brant

Jacqueline de Caestre Wife of Jean Charles de Cordes

Jan Vermoelen

Judgment of Midas

Judgment of Paris

Judith with the Head Of Holofernes

Julius Caesar

Jupiter and Callisto

Lady Arundel with her Train


Lamentation (Christ on the Straw)

Lamentation of Christ

Landing of Marie de Médicis at Marseilles

Landscape with a Rainbow

Landscape with Cows

Landscape with Cows and Duck Hunters

Landscape with Saint George and the Dragon

Landscape with the Ruins of Mount Palatine in Rome

Laocoon and His Sons

Last Communion of St Francis

Last Supper

Lion Hunt

Lord Cavendish with His Wife Margaret

Madonna and Child

Madonna in Floral Wreath

Mantuan Circle Of Friends

Maria de Medici, Queen of France

Maria Serra Pallavicino

Maximilian I

Meeting of Abraham and Melchizedek

meeting of Peleus and Thetis

Mercury and Argus

Miracle of St. Francis Xavier

Miracles of St Ignatius



Nature Adorning the Three Graces

Nicholas Rubens

Nicolas de Respaigne

Night Scene

Nymphs, Satyrs and Dogs

Old Woman with a Basket of Coal

Marriage of Henri IV of France and Marie de Medicis

Mars and Rhea Silvia

Martyr Holding a Lance (Longinus)

Martyrdom of St Sebastian

Massacre of the Innocents

Overthrow of the Titans

Pan and Syrinx


Pastoral Scene

Peace and War

Penitent Magdalene

Perseus and Andromeda

Perseus Liberating Andromeda

Philip Rubens

Portrait of a Boy

Portrait of a Chambermaid

Portrait of a Lady with a Rosary

Portrait of a Man

Portrait of a Man as the God Mars

Portrait of a Woman

Portrait of a Young Scholar

Portrait of an Old Woman

Psyche taken up into Olympus

Queen's Reconciliation with Her Son

Raising of the Cross

Rape of Europa

Rape of Hippodamia

Rape of the Sabine Women

Resurrection of Christ

Return from the Fields

Road to Calvary

Roman Charity

Roman Hero

Rubens in His Garden with Helena Fourment

Saint Gregory the Great and Saint Domitilla

Saint Gregory with Saints Domitilla, Maurus And Papianus

Saint Lambert

Saint Peter and Saint Paul

Samson and Delilah

Scipio Welcomed Outside the Gates of Rome

Self Portrait with a Hat

Self Portrait with Isabella Brant

Silenus and Satyrs

Sistine Madonna

St Francis in Meditation

St Francis of Assisi Receiving the Stigmata

St George Slaying the Dragon

St Gregory the Great with Saints

St Ildefonso Altar (Outer Wings) The Holy Family

St Peter Finding the Tribute Money

St Sebastian

St. Cecilia

St. George Slaying the Dragon

St. Jerome

Stigmatization of St Francis

Straw Hat

Study of Two Heads

Susanna and the Elders

Susanna Lunden

Temple of Janus

The Cardinal

The Last Supper

Three Crosses

Three Graces

Tiberius and Agrippina

Tournament of Castle Steen

Tribute Money

Triumph of Henry IV

Triumph of the Church

Triumph of Truth

Triumph of Victory

Twelfth Night

Union of Earth and Water

Venus and Adonis

Venus at a Mirror

Venus Feast

Venus in Fur Coat

Victory and Death of the Consul Decius Mus

Victory of Henry IV at Coutras

Village Fete

Vincenzo II Gonzaga

Virgin adorned with Flowers

Virgin and Child

Virgin and Child Adored by Angels

Virgin and Child in a Garland of Flower

Virgin and Child with the Infant St John

Vision of Ezekiel

Wolf and Fox Hunt

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