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Bridge at Villeneuve-la-Garenne Chemin de la Machine, Louveciennes Bridge at Hampton Court Flood at Port-Marly
Snow at Louveciennes La Grande-Rue, Argenteuil Early Snow at Louveciennes The Church at Moret
Molesey Weir, Morning Under the Bridge at Hampton Court Lane Near a Small Town Regatta in Molesey

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Alfred Sisley Catalog


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Abandoned Cottage

Abandoned House

After the Thaw, the Seine at Suresnes Bridge, 1880

Among the Vines 1874

Among the Vines near Louveciennes

An August Afternoon near Veneux

An Autumn Evening near Paris

An Old Cottage at Sablons

Apple Trees in Bloom

Apple Trees in Flower, Spring Morning

Approach to the Railway Station

Aqueduct at Marly

Aqueduct at Marly

At Moret-sur-Loing

Autumn - Banks of the Seine near Bougival

Autumn at Louveciennes

Autumn Evening on the Outskirts of Paris, 1879

Autumn in Louveciennes 1873

Autumn Landscape, Louveciennnes

Avenue of Chestnut Trees 1867

Avenue of Chestnut Trees at La Celle-Saint-Cloud

Avenue of Chestnut Trees Near Le Celle St. Cloud

Avenue of Chestnut Trees, St. Cloud, 1878

Away in Veneux Nadon in spring

Bank of the Seine in the autumn

Banks of the Canal at Moret-sur-Loing, 1892

Banks of the Loing

Banks of the Loing at Moret, 1886

Banks of the Loing at Moret, Morning

Banks of the Loing at Saint-Mammes

Banks of the Loing towards Moret

Banks of the Loing, Autumn

Banks of the Loing, Moret, 1892

Banks of the Loing, near Moret

Banks of the Loing, Saint-Mammes

Banks of the Loing, Winter

Banks of the Orvanne

Banks of the River

Banks of the River at Veneux

Banks of the Seine

Banks of the Seine at Bougival

Banks of the Seine at Port-Marly

Banks of the Seine, Wind Blowing

Barge Garage at Saint-Mammes

Barge Port and Saint-Mammes

Barges in Billancourt Les Peniches A Billancourt

Barges on the Loing at Saint-Mammes 1884 1

Barges on the Loing Canal, Spring

Barges on the Loing, Saint-Mammes

Barges on the Saint-Martin Canal

Bateau de Charge sur le Loing

Bay of Long Country with rock

Bend in the Loing, Sunlighjt 1896

Between Veneux and By - December Morning

Blocked Seine at Port-Marly

Boat During a Flood 1871

Boat in the Flood, Port-Marly

Boats at the Lock at Bougival

Boats on the Seine

Boatyard at Saint-Mammes

Bois de Boulogne


Boulevard Heloise Argenteuil

Bouquet of Flowers

Bourgogne Lock at Moret, Spring

Bridge and Mills of Moret, Winter's Effect

Bridge at Argenteuil

Bridge at Hampton Court

Bridge at Moret

Bridge at Moret at Sunset

Bridge at Moret-sur-Loing, 1890

Bridge at Saint-Cloud

Bridge at Serves

Bridge at Villeneuve-la-Garenne

Bridge in Bau

Bridge of Moret-sur-Loing, 1887

Bridge of Sevres

Bridge over the Orvanne near Moret

Bridge von Moret at Summer

Bristol Channel From Penarth Evening

Builder's Yard at Matrat, Moret-sur-Loing

By the River

By the River Loing

Cabins along the Loing Canal, Sunlight Effect

Cabins by the River Loing, Morning

Canal at Saint-Mammes

Canal Du Loing at Moret

Canal Saint-Martin, Paris

Cardiff Shipping Lane

Chemin de By through Woods at Roches-Coutaut

Chemin De La Machine Louveciennes

Chestnut Tree at Saint-Mammes

Children playing in the Meadow

Church at Moret

Church at Moret in Morning Sun

Church at Moret Winter

Church at Moret, Afternoon

Church at Moret, Evening, 1894

Church at Moret, Frosty Weather

Church at Moret, Icy Weather

Church at Moret, Rainy Morning

Church at Moret, Rainy Weather, Morning

Cliffs at Penarth, Evening, Low Tide

Climbing Path

Confluence of the Seine and the Loing

Construction Site at Matrat, Moret-sur-Loing

Construction Site at Saint-Mammes

Corner of the Roches-Courtaut Woods, June

Corner of the Woods at Sablons, 1883


Countryside near Moret

Courtyard at Les Sablons

Courtyard of a Farm at Saint-Mammes 1884

Courtyard of Farm At St Mammes

Cows by the Seine at Saint-Mammes 1895

Cows in Pasture, Louveciennes

Cows on the Banks of the Seine at Saint-Mammes

Dam on the Loing - Barges

Dam, Loing Canal at Saint-Mammes

Drying Nets


Early Snow at Louveciennes

Edge of Fountainbleau Forest - June Morning

Edge of the Forest in Spring, Evening

Edge of the Fountainbleau Forest - Morning

Effect of Snow at Argenteuil

Effect of Snow at Veneux

Embankments of the Loing at Saint-Mammes

English Coast, Penarth

Entrance to the Village

Evening in Moret, End of October

Factory at Sevres

Factory in the Flood, Bougival



Farmyard near Sablons 1885

February Morning at Moret-sur-Loing

Ferry to the Ile De La Loge Flood

Fete Day at Marly Le Roi Formerly the Fourteenth of July at Marly Le Roi

Fields and Hills of Veneux-Nadon

Fields around the Forest

First White Frost

Flood at Pont-Marley

Flood on the Road to Saint-Germain

Flooded Field

Flooding at Moret

Floods at Moret-sur-Loing

Fog, Voisins, 1874

Foggy Morning Voisins

Footbridge at Argenteuil, 1872

Footbridge over the Railroad at Sevres

Footpath in the Gardens at By

Forest Clearing

Forge at Marly-le-Roi

Forge at Marly-le-Roi, Yvelines

Fourteenth of July at Marly-le-Roi, 1875

Freight punts with Saint Mammès

Frost in Louveciennes


Garden of Hoschede Family

Garden Path in Louveciennes

Garden Under the Snow


Getreidefelder auf den Hügeln von Argenteuil

Goods Station

Goose Girl

Grapes and Walnuts on a Table


Haystack on the Banks of the Loing, 1891


Haystacks at Moret, Morning Light, 1891

High Waters at Moret-sur-Loing

Hill Path

Hill Path in Sunlight

Hill Path, Ville d'Avray

Hills of La Bouille in Normandy - Morning

Hills of Veneux, Seen from Saint-Mammes

Hoar Frost -St. Martin's Summer (Indian Summer)

Horses being Watered at Marly-le-Roi

Houses on the Bank of Loing

Idle Barges on the Loing Canal at Saint-Mammes

Ile Saint-Denis

In the Vineyards at Louveciennes

Inn at East Molesey with Hampton Court Bridge

Island of Saint Denis

June Morning in Saint-Mammes

Kastanienallee in La Celle-Saint-Cloud

Kitchen Garden at Louveciennes

La Campagne aux Environs de Veneux

La Grande Rue Argenteuil

La Route de Louveciennes, Hiver, 1874

La Seine a Bougival

La Seine a Port-Marly

La Seine pres de By

Lady's Cove - Langland Bay Morning 1897

Lady's Cove before the Storm (Hastings)

Lady's Cove, Langland Bay, England, 1897

Lady's Cove, Wales

Lake at Chevreuil


Landscape - The Banks of the Loing at Saint-Mammes

Landscape at Louveciennes

Landscape at Moret-sur-Loing

Landscape at Sevres, 1878

Landscape near Louveciennes, 1873

Lane Near a Small Town

Lane of Poplars at Moret

Lane of Poplars at Moret-Sur-Loing

Lane of Poplars on the Banks of the Loing

Langland Bay

Langland Bay Morning

Langland Bay Storrs Rock Morning

Langland Bay, England, Morning

Langland Bay, Storr's Rock, Morning

Last Ray of Sun


Laundry Houses at Bougival

Le Bois des Roches - Veneux- Nadon

Le Brouillard

Le Loing-gelee Blanche, 1889

Le Pont de Moret

Le repos au bord d'un ruisseau

Les berges de l'Oise

Les bois du Liong a Saint-Mammes, 1885

Les Petits Pres au printemps

Les Régates à Moseley


L'Etang de Chevreuil

L'île de la Grande-Jatte 1873

L'Ile Saint Denis

Loing and the Slopes behind St. Nicaise

Loing at High Water

Loing at Moret

Loing at Moret in Summer

Loing at Moret, September Morning

Loing at Moret, the Laundry Boat

Loing at Saint-Mammes

Loing Canal

Loing Canal and the Church at Moret

Loing Canal at Moret

Loing Canal at Saint-Mammes

Loing Canal in Spring

Loing Dam at Saint-Mammes

Loing Flowing under the Moret Bridge

Loing in Moret



Louveciennes (The Heights at Marly)

Machine at Marly

Market Gardens

Market Place at Marly

Marly Machine and the Dam

Matrat Cottages

Matrats Boatyard Moret Sur Loing

May Morning in Moret

Meadow 1875

Meadow in By

Mills at Moret

Mills at Moret-sur-Loing, Winter

Mills of Moret, Sunrise

Misty Morning

Molesey Weir Hampton Court, 1874

Moret am Loing im Regen

Moret Bridge

Moret Bridge and Mills under Snow

Moret Bridge at Sunset

Moret Bridge in the Sunlight

Moret Sur Loing

Moret Sur Loing in Morning Sun

Moret, View from the Loing, May Afternoon


Moret-sur-Loing (Rue de Fosses), 1892

Moret-sur-Loing, Morning

Moret-sur-Loing, Rain

Moret-sur-Loing, the Porte de Bourgogne

Morning in June

Morning Sun, Saint-Mammes

Morning, Lady's Cove, Langland Bay

Mouth of the Loing at Saint-Mammes

Near Louveciennes

Near Moret

Near Moret-sur-Loing

Near the Bank of the Seine at By

Neighborhood Street in Louveciennes

Normandie, Pfad am Wasser, abends bei Sahurs

Normandy Farm

On the Banks of the Loing

On the Cliffs, Langland Bay, Wales

On the Road from Moret


Orchard in Spring

Oversupply of Marly

Passerelle d'Argenteuil

Pasture by the Seine

Path along the Loing Canal

Path at Les Sablons

Path at Sablons

Path from Saint-Mammes, Morning

Path from Veneux to Thomery Evening

Path in Louveciennes

Path in the Country

Path in the Gardens of By, May Morning

Path Leading to Ville D'Avray

Path to the Old Ferry at By


Pit Sawyers

Place du Chenil at Marly-le-Roi, Snow

Plain at Veneux

Plain at Veneux-Nadon

Plain of Thomery and the Village of Champagne

Plain of Veneux, View of Sablons

Plum and Walnut Trees in Spring

Pont de Moret dans le soleil du matin

Pont et Moulin de Moret en été

Ponte em Sèvres

Poplar Avenue at Moret, Cloudy Day, Morning

Port of Saint Mammes, Morning

Port-Marly, White Frost, 1872

Promenade of Chestnut Trees

Provencher's Mill at Moret 1883

Punt in the Inundation

Punts on the channel Saint Martin in Paris

Quay at Sable near Port-Marly

Railroad Embankment at Sevres

Railway Yards at Moret (Effet de Neige)

Regatta at Hampton Court

Regatta at Molesey, 1874

Rest by the Stream. Edge of the Wood

Rising Path

River Bank

River Banks at Saint-Mammes

River Landscape Moret-sur-Loing

River Scene with Ducks, 1881

Riverbank at Saint-Mammes

Riverbank at Veneux

Riverbanks at Saint-Mammes

Riverside Road from Veneux to Thomery

Road at Veneux

Road from Gennevilliers

Road from Hampton Court

Road from Mantes to Choisy-le-Roi

Road from Prunay to Bougival

Road from Saint-Germain to Marly

Road from Veneux to Moret on a Spring Day

Road from Versailles to Saint-Germain

Road in a Village

Road in Louveciennes, 1883

Road in Moret-Sur-Loing

Road in Seine-et-Marne, 1878

Road in the Woods

Road through the Meadows, Morning

Road to Hampton Court

Road to Marly-le-Roi

Road to Montbuisson at Louveciennes

Road to Saint-Germain at Marly

Road under Snow, near Louveciennes

Roches-Courtaut Wood, near By

Route from Louveciennes

Route to Mantes


Rue de la Chaussee at Argenteuil

Rue de la Machine, Louveciennes

Rue De La Princesse Louveciennes Formerly Street in Ville DAvray

Rural Guardsman in the Fountainbleau Forest

Sailing Boats

Saint Cloud

Saint Lubin

Saint Martin Canal

Saint-Cloud, Banks of the Seine


Saint-Mammes - Evening

Saint-Mammes - House on the Canal du Loing

Saint-Mammès am Morgen

Saint-Mammes and the Banks of the Loing

Saint-Mammes Dam

Saint-Mammes, Ducks on Canal

Saint-Mammes, Loing Canal

Saint-Mammes, on the Banks of the Loing

Saint-Mammes, The White Cross

Sand Heaps

Sand on the Quayside Port Marly

Seine at Argenteuil

Seine at Billancourt

Seine at Bougival

Seine at Bougival

Seine at Bouille, a Gust of Wind, 1894

Seine at Daybreak

Seine at Grenelle

Seine at Grenelle - Rainy Weather

Seine at Marly

Seine at Point du Jour

Seine at Port-Marly, 1877

Seine at Saint-Cloud

Seine at Suresnes

Seine near By

Seine near Saint-Cloud, High Water

Seine with the Institute of France

Seine, View from the Quay de Pont du Jour

Self Portrait

Sentier De La Mi Cote Louveciennes

September Morning, c.1887

Setting Sun at Moret

Sevres Bridge

Sevres Bridge

Slopes of Bougival

Small Boats

Small Meadow at By

Small Meadow in Spring

Small Meadows in Spring

Small Meadows in the Spring

Small Street in Louveciennes

Snow at Louveciennes

Snow at Marly-le-Roi

Snow at Veneux-Nadon, c.1880

Snow Effect at Louveciennes

Snow Effect at Moret

Snow Effect at Veneux

Snow on the Road Louveciennes Chemin De La Machine

Snow Scene at Moret

Snow Scene Moret Station

Snowy Weather at Veneux Nadon

Soleil Couchant, or Autumn Evening on the River

Spring at Veneux

Spring in the Environs of Paris, Apple Blossom


Springtime at Bougival

Springtime at Veneux, 1880

Springtime Scene - Morning

Square in Argenteuil Rue De La Chaussee

St Martin Canal in Paris

St. Martin Canal

Station at Sevres

Steam Boats on the Loing at Saint-Mammes, 1877

Still Life of Wild Flowers

Still Life: Apples and Grapes

Still Life: Heron with Spread Wings, 1867

Straw Rents

Street Entering the Village

Street in Louveciennes (Rue de la Princesse)

Street in Louveciennes, Sunlight

Street in Moret (Porte de Bourgogne from across the Bridge)

Street in Veneux

Street of Marlotte

Street of Spanish Chestnut Trees by the River, 1878

Street Scene in Marly

Street, possibly in Port-Marly, 1876

Summer at Bougival

Sunny Afternoon - Willows by the Loing

Sunrise at Saint-Mammes

Sunset at Port-Marly

Terrace at Saint-Germain, Spring

Thames with Hampton Church

Thatched Cottage in Normandy, 1894

The Bridge, 1871

Themse with Hampton Court


Turn of the River Loing, Summer

Turning Road or, View of the Seine, 1875

Two Women Walking along the riverbank

Under Snow: the Farmyard at Marly-le-Roi

Under the Bridge at Hampton Court

Unloading the Barges at Billancourt

Uphill Road in Sunshine

Valley of the Seine at Saint-Cloud

Veneux, August Afternoon

View in Moret Rue Des Fosses

View of a Village by a River

View of Marly Le Roi Sunshine Formerly View of St Cloud

View of Marly-le-Roi from House at Coeur-Colant

View of Montmartre from the Cite des Fleurs, Les Batignolles, 1869

View of Moret

View of Moret-sur-Loing through the Trees

View of Saint-Cloud, Sunshine

View of Saint-Mammes

View of St. Cloud - Sunshine

View of the Canal Saint-Martin, Paris

View of the Thames: Charing Cross Bridge

Village de Voisins

Village of Champagne at Sunset - April

Village of Moret, Seen from the Fields

Village on the Banks of the Seine Villeneuve La Garenne

Village Street - Grey Weather

Village Street - Louveciennes

Village Street in Marlotte

Village Street in Winter

Village Street Scene

Walk, 1890

Walnut Tree in a Thomery Field

Walnut Trees, Sunset - Early Days of October

Washerwomen, near Champagne

Watering Place at Marly

Watering Place at Marly-Le-Roi

Wave, Lady's Cove, Langland Bay

Welshman Coast in the Fog

Wheat Field

Willows on the Banks of the Orvanne

Windy Day at Veneux

Winter in Louveciennes

Winter Landscape, Moret

Winter Morning

Winter Sun, Moret

Winter, Snow Effect

Women Going to the Forest

Women Laudering


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