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Mr. & Mrs. Hallet Mr. & Mrs. Andrews Lady Alston Woman in Blue
Blue Boy (Jonathan Buttall) King George III Mrs Thomas Hibbert Lady Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire

To order an oil-on-canvas reproduction online click on

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Thomas Gainsborough Catalog


The following titles are some of the Thomas Gainsborough paintings available for 
reproduction.  To have any of the paintings below reproduced or if there is  
a painting you are interested in but is not listed below, you can reach us at 
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Ann Ford (Mrs Philip Thicknesse)

Anna Davidson

Anne Fuyre

Anne Greenly

Anne Lynch as a Child

Anne Spencer

Anne Thistlethwaite, Countess of Chesterfield

Anne, Countess of Chesterfield

Artist with his Wife and Daughter

Artist's Daughter Margaret

Artist's Daughter Mary

Artist's Daughters

Artist's Daughters with a Cat

Artist's Daughters with a Cat

Artist's Wife

Augustus John, 3rd Earl of Briston

be Elizabeth Chudleigh


Bridge with Cattle

Bumper a Bull Terrier

Captain Phipps

Captain Sharpe

Captain William Wade

Carl Friedrich Abel


Cattle Beside a River

Cattle crossing a Bridge

Cattle Watering in a Wooded Landscape

Cattle with Drovers and a Dog under a Tree

Charity relieving Distress

Charles Bourchier


Charterhouse London

Christopher Griffith of Winterborne, Gloucestershire

Christopher Griffith, Jr., of Padworth

Churchyard with Figure Contemplating Tombstone

Coastal Landscape with a Shepherd and his Flock

Coastal Scene

Coastal Scene - A Calm

Coke of Brookhill

Colonel John Bullock

Conversation in a Park

Cornard Wood

Cottage Door

Cottage Door with Girl and Pigs

Cottage Girl with Dog and Pitcher

Cottage in Moonlight

Cottage with a Gate

Country Cart crossing a Ford

Country Track in a Wooded Landscape

Dancers with Musicians in a Woodland Glade

David Garrick

David Garrick

Diana and Actaeon

Dogs Chasing A Fox

Dr Rice Charleton

Dr. William Walcot

Drinkstone Park

Duchess of Beaufort

Duke and Duchess of Cumberland

Edward and Thomas Tomkinson

Edward Augustus Duke of Kent

Edward Richard Gardiner

Edward Second Viscount Ligonier

Elizabeth and Thomas Linley

Elizabeth Blacker

Elizabeth Ives, Mrs Thomas Butcher

Elizabeth Jenks Beaufoy later Elizabeth Pycrofteth

Elizabeth Uvedale

Elizabeth wife of Richard Colville in a Blue Dress

Elizabeth Wrottesley

Evening Landscape - Peasants and Mounted Figures

Extensive Landscape with Cattle and a Drover

Extensive Wooded Landscape with peasants on a path

Fallen Tree with Farm Buildings Beyond

Fen Bridge Lane

Figures and cattle in a Wooded Landscape

Figures before a Cottage

Francis Bennett of Cadbury Court

French dancer Auguste Vestris

Gainsborough Dupont

Gainsborough's Forest

George Brydges Rodney Admiral of the White

George Canning as a Boy

George III

George Nugent Temple Grenville

George Pitt 1st Baron Rivers

George Venables Vernon 2nd Lord Vernon

George, Lord Vernon

George. Prince of Wales

Georgiana Poyntz Countess Spencer

Georgiana Spencer afterwards Duchess of Devonshire

Georgiana. Duchess of Devonshire

Giovanna Baccelli

Girl with a Book Seated in a Park

Girl with Pigs

Giusto Ferdinando Tenducci Castrato singer and composer

Going to Market Early

Good Shepherd

Gravenor Family

Greyhound in a Landscape

Gypsy Encampment. Sunset

Harvest Wagon

Hauling the Seine net

Haymaker and Sleeping Girl (Mushroom Girl)

Heneage Lloyd and His Sister

Heneage Lloyd and his Sister Lucy

Henrietta Vernon

Henrietta Vernon Lady Grosvenor

Henry Frederick, Duke of Cumberland

Herdsman driving Cattle towards a Pool

Herdsman with Cattle on the Outskirts of a Village

Herdsman with Cows and Sheep outside a Cottage at the Edge of a Wood

Herdsmen Driving Cattle towards a Post

Hilly Landscape

Hilly Landscape with Figures Approaching a Bridge

Hilly Landscape with Shepherd and Sheep

Holywells Park Ipswich

Hon Harriott Marsham

Hon Mrs Graham

Hon William Fitzwilliam brother of Viscount

Honorable Charles Wolfran Cornwall

Honorable Frances Duncombe

Honorable Mrs. Graham

Horseman on a Track in a Wooded Landscape


Imaginary Wooded Village with Drovers and Cattle

Isaac Henrique Sequeira

Isabella Viscountess Molyneux

Jacob Bouverie First Viscount Folkestone

James Christie

James Christie

Jane Lady Whichcote

Johann Christian Bach

Johann Christian Bach

Johann Christian Fischer

John 10th Viscount Kilmorey

John and Henry Trueman Villebois

John Augustus Lord Hervey

John Campbell, 4th Duke of Argyll

John Eld of Seighford Hall Stafford

John Hayes St Leger

John Hobart 2nd Earl of Buckinghamshire

John Joshua Kirby

John Langston Esquire of Sarsden

John Needham

John Plampin

John Shelley

John, 4th Duke of Argyll

John, 4th Earl of Darnley

Jonathan Buttall (The Blue Boy)

Joshua Grigby

Judge Sir John Skynner Wearing Robes and Chain of Office

Karl Friedrich Abel

King George III

Lady Alston

Lady Alston

Lady Anne Hamilton

Lady Bate-Dudley

Lady Elizabeth Foster later Elizabeth Cavendish Duchess of Devonshire

Lady Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire

Lady Grosvenor, wife of Richard, first Earl Grosvenor

Lady Innes

Lady Ligonier

Lady Lloyd and her son Richard Savage Lloyd of Hintlesham Hall Suffolk

Lady Louisa Clarges

Lady Lucy Boyle Viscountess Torrington

Lady Walking in a Garden with a Child

Lady Willielma Glenorchy

Lady with a Book

Lake Scene with Figures and Sailing Ship


Landscape in Suffolk

Landscape Storm Effect

Landscape with a Building and Horses and Riders Resting by a Pool

Landscape with a Church Cottage Villagers and Animals

Landscape with a Cowherd

Landscape with a Figure and Cattle

Landscape with a Peasant on a Path circa

Landscape with a Ruined Castle

Landscape with a Traveler Resting below a Stone bridge, a Ruined Castle on a hill beyond

Landscape with a Woodcutter and Milkmaid

Landscape with Cattle

Landscape with Cattle and Figures by a Stream and a Distant Bridge

Landscape with Cottage and Stream

Landscape with Farm Cart on a Winding Track between Trees

Landscape with Figures Farm Buildings and a Milkmaid

Landscape with Figures Gathering Wood

Landscape with Herdsman and Covered Cart

Landscape with House

Landscape with Mounted Peasants

Landscape with Sandpit

Landscape with Sheep

Landscape with Stream and Weir

Landscape with the village Cornard

Landscape with Trees by a Pool

Lavinia the Milk Maid

Lieutenant. Colonel Edmund Nugent

Linley Sisters

Lodge in a Park, with Children Descending Steps

Lord Bernard Stuart later Earl of Lichfield after Van Dyck

Lord Hastings Governor of India

Lord Ligonier

Lord Robert Clive in General Officers uniform

Louisa Lady Clarges

Major John Dade of Tannington Suffolk

Major William Tennant of Needwood House Staffs


Margaret Gainsborough

Market Cart

Market Cart

Marsham Children

Mary Duchess of Montagu

Mary Heberden

Mary Lady Bate Dudley

Mary Little Later Lady Carr

Mary, Countess of Howe

Master John Heathcote

Milkmaids with Cattle on a Country Track

Miss Catherine Tatton

Miss Drummond

Miss Elisabeth Anne Gosset

Miss Elizabeth Edgar

Miss Elizabeth Haverfield

Miss Gainsborough Gleaning

Miss Low

Miss Montagu

Miss Theodosia Magill Countess Clanwilliam

Misses Sloper

Mountain Landscape with a Drover and a Packhorse

Mountain Landscape with Bridge

Mountain Landscape with Figures Sheep and Fountain

Mountain Landscape with Peasants Crossing a Bridge

Mountain Landscape with Shepherd

Mountain Valley with Rustic Figures

Mountainous Landscape with Cart and Figures

Mounted Drover Driving Home a Herd of Cattle

Mr and Mrs Andrews

Mr and Mrs Carter of Bullingdon House

Mr and Mrs George Byam and their eldest daughter Selina

Mr and Mrs John Gravenor and their Daughters Elizabeth and Ann

Mr and Mrs William Hallett

Mr and Mrs William Hallett (The Morning Walk)

Mr Clayton Jones

Mr Coke of Brookhill

Mr G Hammond

Mr Robert Butchert of Walttamstan

Mr Samuel Kilderbee

Mrs Awse

Mrs Bedingfield and her Daughter

Mrs Crewe

Mrs Edmund Morton Pleydell

Mrs Fitzherbert

Mrs Grace Dalrymple Elliot

Mrs Graham

Mrs Hamilton Nisbet

Mrs Henry Fane

Mrs John Kirby

Mrs Lowndes Stone

Mrs Mary Robinson Perdita

Mrs Moody and two of her children

Mrs Prudence Rix

Mrs Samuel Kilderbee

Mrs Sarah Siddons

Mrs Sheridan

Mrs Simpson

Mrs Thomas Gainsborough, Nee Margaret Burr

Mrs Thomas Prowse

Mrs. Casberd

Mrs. Christopher Horton later Anne Duchess of Cumberland

Mrs. Collins

Mrs. John Bolton

Mrs. John Gisborne (Nee Anne Bateman)

Mrs. John Taylor

Mrs. Mary Robinson (Perdita)

Mrs. Paul Cobb Methuen

Mrs. Perdita Robinson

Mrs. Peter William Baker

Mrs. Philip Thicknesse

Mrs. Richard Brinsley Sheridan

Mrs. Sarah Siddons

Mrs. Thomas Fletcher

Mrs. Thomas Gainsborough nee Margaret Burr

Nicholas Pearse

Oen Landscape with Rustics and Cattle

Officer of the 1st Dragoon Guards

Officer of the 4th Regiment of Foot

Old peasant with a Donkey in a Wooded landscape

Open landscape in Suffolk with a Wagon on a track

Open Landscape with a Drover and Cow, a Cottage Beyond

Open Landscape with Travelers on a Road

Painters Daughters

Painter's Daughters

Painter's Daughters Chasing a Butterfly

Painters Daughters Mary and Margaret

Painters Daughters with a Cat

Painters Two Daughters

Paul Cobb Methuen

Paul Methuen

Peasant Girl Gathering Faggots in a Wood

Peasant Smoking at a Cottage Door

Peasants and Donkeys near Cottages at the Edge of a Wood

Peasants Going to Market in the Early Morning

Peasants Returning from Market

Peter Darnell Muilman Charles Crokatt and William Keable in a Landscape

Peter Godfrey

Philip Jakob de Loutherberg

Pomeranian Bitch and Puppy

Pool in the Woods

Portrait of a Gentleman

Portrait of a Lady

Portrait of a Lady in Blue

Portrait of a Man

Portrait of a Nobleman

Portrait of a Young Boy

Portrait of a Young Man with Powdered Hair

Portrait of an Angel after Sir Anthony van Dyck

Portrait of an Unknown Man

Portrait of the Artist with his Wife and Daughter

Portrait of the Artist's Daughters

Prince Edward Later Duke of Kent

Queen Charlotte

Ralph Bell


Rev Humphrey Gainsborough

Rev John Chafy Playing a Cello

Rev Samuel Uvedale

Rev. Robert Hingeston

Rev. Sir Henry Bate-Dudley

Richard Hurd, Bishop of Worcester

Richard Ottley

Richard Tickell

River Landscape

River Landscape with Rustic Lovers

River Landscape with Travelers Resting


Road through a wood with Hilly Ground to the Right

Robert Andrews and His Wife, Frances

Robert Nugent Lord Clare

Robert Price

Rocky Coastal Scene

Rocky Landscape with Hagar and Ishmael

Rocky Wooded Landscape with Sheep by a Waterfall

Romantic Landscape

Rue de l'Epicerie, Rouen

Samuel Foote

Samuel Linley

Sara Buxton

Sarah Buxton


Seashore with Fishermen

Self Portrait

Self Portrait as a Boy

Self Portrait with His Wife Margaret

Shepherd and his Flock

Shepherd Boy listening to a Magpie

Shepherd Boys with Dogs Fighting

Shepherd by a Stream

Sir Benjamin Truman

Sir Christopher Whichcote

Sir Edward Turner

Sir Edward Willes in Judges Robes

Sir Francis Skipwith

Sir Harbord

Sir John Edward Swinburne

Sir John Skynner Lord Chief Baron

Sir Kenelm Digby in Armour

Sir Richard Lloyd

Sir Richard Perryn

Six Studies of a Cat

Sophia Charlotte. Lady Sheffield

Spitz Dog

Squire John Wilkinson

Squire John Wilkinson

St. Mary's Church, Hadleigh

Study for a Group Portrait of a Musical Party

Study for 'Charity Relieving Distress'

Study of a Beggar Boy Eating

Study of a Bullock Cart on a Winding Track with Nearby Cottage

Study of a Cow

Study of a Cow in a Landscape

Study of a rustic figure

Study of a Sheep

Study of a track through a Wooded Landscape

Study of a Woman in a Mob Cap

Study of Girls Carrying Faggots

Study of Goats

Study of Horses, Cows, a Donkey and a Pig

Suffolk Clergyman

Suffolk Landscape

Sunset, Carthorses Drinking at a Stream

Thomas Hanmer

Thomas Linley the Elder

Thomas Linley the Younger

Thomas Pennant

Thomas William Coke 1st Earl of Leicester

Three Elder Princesses

Track through a Wooded Landscape

Travelers on a track in a landscape

Travelers Passing a Village

Unknown Couple in a Landscape

Vice Admiral Thomas Broderick

View in the Lake District

View near the Coast

View of Ipswich from Christchurch Park

Viscountess Penelope Ligonier


Watering Place

Wilhelmina Campbell Viscountess Glenorchy

William Anne Hollis, Fourth Earl of Essex, Presenting a Cup to Thomas Clutterbuck of Watford

William Hall

William Johnstone Pulteney

William Lowndes Auditor of His Majestys Court of Exchequer

William Pitt the Younger

William Poyntz

William Wollaston

Woman in Blue

Wood Gatherers

Woodcutters' Return

Wooded Landscape

Wooded Landscape Country Cart and Figures

Wooded landscape in Suffolk with cows and a herdsman a village beyond

Wooded Landscape with a Castle

Wooded Landscape with a Cottage Sheep and a Reclining Shepherd

Wooded Landscape with a distant mountain

Wooded Landscape with a Driver and Cattle and a Distant Mansion

Wooded Landscape with a Herdsman Driving Cattle towards a pool

Wooded landscape with a herdsman, cows and sheep near a pool

Wooded landscape with a horse and cart on a country path, a Cottage beyond

Wooded Landscape with a Man Talking to Two Seated Women

Wooded Landscape with a Pond and a figure on a path

Wooded Landscape with a Shepherd and his flock fording a Stream, a Cottage beyond

Wooded Landscape with a Traveler on a Country Road, a Church and Cottages Beyond

Wooded Landscape with a Wagon in the Shade  

Wooded Landscape with a Woodcutter

Wooded Landscape with Carts and Figures

Wooded Landscape with Castle

Wooded Landscape with Cattle and Goats

Wooded Landscape with Cattle by a Pool and a Cottage at Evening

Wooded Landscape with Country Cart and Figures

Wooded Landscape with Country House and Two Figures

Wooded Landscape with Drover and Cattle and Milkmaids

Wooded Landscape with Figure, Lime Kiln and Farm Building

Wooded Landscape with Figures

Wooded Landscape with Figures, Donkeys and Buildings

Wooded Landscape with Four Riders and Two Cows

Wooded Landscape with Gypsy Encampment

Wooded Landscape with Herdsman and Cattle

Wooded Landscape with Herdsman and Cattle, a Building Beyond to the Right

Wooded Landscape with Herdsman Driving Cattle

Wooded Landscape with Herdsmen, Cows and Sheep near a Pool, figures outside a cottage beyond

Wooded Landscape with Herdsmen, Cows, River and Church tower

Wooded Landscape with Horses Drinking

Wooded Landscape with Mansion, Figure and Packhorse

Wooded Landscape with Mounted Drover 

Wooded Landscape with Peasants and Donkey Round a Fire, Figures and Distant Church (The Gypsies)

Wooded Landscape with Riders, Sheep and Pool

Wooded Landscape with Rocks and Tree Stump

Wooded Landscape with Sheep grazing by a Winding Track

Wooded Landscape with Shepherd and Sheep

Wooded Landscape with Shepherd Resting by a Sunlit Track and Scattered Sheep

Wooded Mountain Landscape Herdsman and Cows Crossing

Wooded Mountain Landscape with River and Buildings

wooded River Landscape with figures in a boat and buildings

Wooded River Landscape with figures on a Bridge

Wooded Upland Landscape

Woodland Pool with Rocks and Plants

Woodland Scene

Woodland Stream


Woody Landscape with Building




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