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April in Algonquin Park - Tom Thomson
Forest Undergrowth I Sunset April in Algonquin Park
Lightning, Canoe Lake - Tom Thomson
Woodland Waterfall Early Spring Lightning, Canoe Lake
Evening, Canoe Lake - Tom Thomson
Northern Lights The Jack Pine Evening, Canoe Lake
Pine Island, Georgian Bay - Tom Thomson
Wooden Landscape Maple Saplings Pine Island, Georgian Bay
Morning Cloud - Tom Thomson
Round Lake, Mud Bay The Pool

Morning Cloud

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Snow in the Woods - Tom Thomson
West Wind

Northern River

Snow in the Woods
Spring Lake (Rocks and Water) - Tom Thomson
Path Behind Mowat Lodge Winter Thaw in the Woods Spring Lake (Rocks and Water)
St Thomas Church - Tom Thomson
Spring Ice Sunset Sky St Thomas Church
Wild Flowers - Tom Thomson
Dawn near Algonquin Park Soft Maple in Autumn Wild Flowers
Decorative Landscape Birches - Tom Thomson
Decorative Landscape Birches

To order an oil-on-canvas reproduction online click on

the image of the painting.

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Tom Thomson Catalog


The following titles are some of the Tom Thomson paintings available for 
reproduction.  To have any of the paintings below reproduced or if there is  
a painting you are interested in but is not listed below, you can reach us at 
888.284.9671 (801.446.1239 internationally) or Sales@CanvasReplicas.com. 

A Northern Lake

A Rapid

Abandoned Logs

After the Sleet Storm

After the Storm

Algonquin Park

Alligator, Algonquin Park

Approaching Snowstorm

Autumn Birches

Autumn Color

Autumn Foliage

Autumn, Algonquin Park

Autumn, Petawawa

Autumn, Three Trout

Autumn's Garland



Birches and Cedars

Black Spruce and Maple

Black Spruce in Autumn

Blue Lake

Blueberry Bushes, October


Burnt Country, Evening

Burnt Land

Burnt Land at Sunset

Canadian Wildflowers


Canoe Lake

Canoe Lake, Mowat Lodge

Chill November

Cottage on a Rocky Shore

Cranberry Marsh and Hill

Crib and Rapids

Dead Pine

Decoration: Autumn Landscape

Decorative Landscape: Birches

Decorative Panels (I-IV)


Drowned Land

Early Spring

Early Spring in Cauchon Lake

Early Spring, Canoe Lake


Evening, Early Spring

Evening, Pine Island

Fire Swept Hills

First Snow in Autumn

First Snow, Canoe Lake


Forest Branches

Forest, October

Fraser's Lodge

Grey Day in the North

Hill in Autumn

Hillside on Big Cauchon Lake - Algonquin Park

Hoar Frost

Hot Summer Moonlight

In Algonquin Park

In the Northland

In the Sugar Bush (Shannon Fraser)

Jack Pine

Lady Slipper

Lake, Shore, and Sky

Lakeside, Spring, Algonquin Park

Larry Dickson's Cabin

Larry Dickson's Shack

Lightning, Canoe Lake

Lily Pond

Little Cauchon Lake

Log Jam

Logging, Spring, Algonquin Park

Lumber Dam

Maple Saplings, October

Maple Woods, Bare Trunks


Marguerites, Wood Lilies and Vetch


Moonlight Sail

Moonlight, Algonquin Park

Moose at Night


Morning Cloud

Near Grand Lake, Algonquin Park

Near Owen Sound

Nocturne: Forest Spires

Nocturne: The Birches

Northern Lake

Northern Landscape

Northern Lights

Northern River

Northern Spring

Northland Sunset

Old Lumber Dam, Algonquin Park

Open Water, Joe Creek

Opulent October

Orchids, Algonquin Park

Parry Sound Harbour

Path Behind Mowat Lodge

Petawawa Gorges

Petawawa Gorges (Early Spring)

Pine Trees at Sunset

Pink Birches



Ragged Lake


Red Forest

Red Sumac

Rocky Shore

Round Lake, Mud Bay

Sand Hill

Sandbank with Logs

Silver Birches

Smoke Lake, Algonquin Park

Snow and Rocks

Snow Bank

Snow in October

Snow in the Village

Snow in the Woods

Snow Covered Trees

Soft Maple in Autumn


Spring Flood

Spring Foliage on the Muskoka River

Spring Ice

Spring Ice, Canoe Lake

Spring Woods

Spring, Algonquin Park

Spring, Canoe Lake

Spring, French River

Spruce and Tamarack


Summer Day

Sun in the Bush



Tamarack Swamp

Tea Lake Dam


The Alligator, Algonquin Park

The Brook

The Canoe

The Dead Pine

The Drive

The Fisherman

The Hill in Autumn

The Jack Pine

The Lily Pond

The Poacher

The Pointers

The Rapids

The Sumacs

The Tent

The Waterfall

The West Wind


Timber Chute

Untitled Landscape

View of Algonquin Park

View over a Lake: Shore with Houses

Water Flowers


West Wind

Wild Cherries, Spring

Wild Cherry Trees in Blossom

Wild Flowers

Wild Geese



Winter Hillside, Algonquin Park

Winter Morning

Winter Thaw in the Woods

Woodland Waterfall

Woods in Winter

Yellow Sunset


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