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 The following titles are some of the Honore Daumier paintings available for

reproduction.   To have any of the paintings below reproduced or if there is a 
painting you are interested in but is not listed below, you can reach us at             
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A Box at the Theatre

A Chat in the Studio

A Criminal Case

A Dispute Outside the Courtroom from the series Les Gens de Justice

A Domestic Incident from Les Bons Bourgeois

A French Painter Paints Himself

A Grandmother

A Nasty Cold in the Head

A Perfect Technician

A Tenant who owes three terms

A Third Class Carriage

A True Smoker from the series Galerie physionomique

Acrobats at the Fair

Advice to a Young Artist

An Unsatisfied Client from the series Les Gens de Justice

At the Palace of Justice

At the Theater

At the Waters Edge

Attorney Reading

Baron Jacques-Antoine-Adrien Delort

Billiard Players


Caricature of a Deputy at the Assembly

Caricature of Francois Guizot 1787-1874 from La Caricature

Caricature ridiculing Chapter VI of the Rights and Duties of Spouses in the French Code Civil Promulgated by Napoleon in 1804

Cartoon ridiculing the length of time necessary to take a daguerrotype photo

Crispin and Scapin

Diogenes reading a newspaper

Discounting a note

Discussion about the Constitution

Don Quixote

Don Quixote and Sancho Pansa

Don Quixote and the Dead Mule

Don Quixote Reading

Don Quixote Sancho Panza and the Dead Mule

Ecce Homo

Ecstatic parents with their new baby

Family in a Barricade during the Paris Commune of 1870

Father Goriot

Freedom of the Press


Grand Staircase of the Palace of Justice

Guizot or the Bore

Head of a Man


Illustration for Les Chatiments

In the Omnibus

Intermission at the Comedie Francaise

Is it the right amount

Jean-Claude Fulchiron

La Concierge

La Confidence The Secret

La Defense

La garde malade (la veille)

La Potion Draught

Laundress on the Quai d'Anjou

Law and Justice

Lawyers Meeting

Le Malade Imaginaire

Leaving the Theatre

Les Deux Buveurs

Les Plaisirs de la Villegiature

Load (Washerwoman)

Lunch in the Country

Man the King of Creation

Memories of Sainte Pelagie

Monk Reading



Notre Dame de Paris

On the Shore

Parents woken by their baby

Phrosine and Melidore (The Kiss)

Physiognomy of the Characters of Classical Tragedy

Portrait of the sculptor Albert Ernest Carrier Belleuse

Pregnant Woman's craving the butcher

Print Collectors

Pysiognomy of the Characters of Classical Tragedy


Remembrances of St. Pelagie

Robert Macaire hypnotising

Rue Transnonain

Sancho Panza and Don Quixote

Scene at a tribunal

Scene from a Comedy

Self Portrait

Series Actualites

Series Caricatures du jour

Series Croquis dexpressions the bump

Series Galerie physionomique Bordeaux Laffite

Series La Comete de 1857 The German Astronomer releasing a famous duck

Series Les Bas Bleus O Moon

Series Les beaux jours de la vie A happy find

Series Les beaux jours de la vie A new nobleman

Series Les Bons Bourgeois

Series Les Divorceuses

Series Tout ce quon voudra

Disadvantage of having an umbrella with a complicated spring system

Series Tout ce quon voudra Two in the morning exit of the Historic Theatre

Sketch for "La Republique"

Socrates visiting Aspasia

St. Magdalene in the Desert

Street Scene

The Amateur Painter

The Amateurs

The Apothecary and the Pharmacist

The Artist in his Studio

The Beautiful Narcissus

The Butcher Montmartre Market

The Chess Players


The Clinic of Dr Robert Macaire

The Collector of Engravings

The Defender

The Defense Attorney

The Destruction of Sodom

The Drunken Silenus

The Emigrants

The Fall of Icarus

The Fifth Act at the Gaiety Theatre

The First Class Carriage

The First Swim

The Fugitives

The Fugitives (The Emigrants)

The Hauler of a Boat

The Headache

The Heavy Burden

The Homeopathic Doctors

The Horses Drink

The King Continuing to Reign with Order Over his Two States Naples

The King of Pumpkins

The Kiss

The Last Cabinet Meeting of the ex-ministers

The Lawyer

The Lawyer and his Client

The Lawyers

The Loge

The London Conference

The Night Walkers

The Omnibus

The Painter

The Print Collector

The Print Collectors

The Republic

The Rescue

The Ribalds

The Second Class Carriage

The Serenade

The Socialist Women

The Soup

The Spectators

The Stomach of the Legislature the Ministerial Benches

The Thieves and the Donkey

The Third Class Carriage

The Two Lawyers

The Uprising

The Washerwoman

The Watering Place Bank of the Seine

The Young Man who is the Hope and Pride of the Badinguet Family

Transnonain Street

Two Cupids with Red Drapery

Two Lawyers

Two men Discussing Politics

Two Singers

Two Women and a Child

Un Scapin

Wandering Saltimbanques

Water Carrier

Wayside Railway Station

Workmen on the Street




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