The Joseph DeCamp biography

Joseph DeCamp Biography

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 Joseph DeCamp (1858-1923)

Joseph Rodefer DeCamp was born November 5, 1858 in Cincinnati, Ohio.    He studied with Frank Duveneck in that city. In the second half of the 1870s he went with Duveneck and fellow students to the Royal Academy of Munich, then spent time in Florence, Italy, returning to Boston in 1883.

He became known as a member of the Boston school led by Edmund Charles Tarbell, focusing on figure painting, and in the 1890s adopting the style of Tonalism. He was a founder of the Ten American Painters, a group of American Impressionists, in 1897.

A 1904 fire in his Boston studio destroyed several hundred of his early paintings, including nearly all of his landscapes.    He died February 11, 1923 in Boca Grande, Florida.

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