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The following titles are some of the Artist Name paintings available for  
reproduction.  To have any of the paintings below reproduced or if there is a 
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A Prince of Saxony

A Young Lady Dressed in Princely Clothes


Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve in Paradise

Albert Cardinal Elector of Mainz at the foot of the Cross

Allegory of the Law and the Gospel

Altar of The Holy Family (Torgau Altar)

Amorous Old Woman and Young Man

An Allegory of Melancholy

Apollo and Diana

Birth of Christ

Caterina Luther

Catherine Bore


Christ and Mary

Christ and the Adulteress

Christ and the Woman taken in Adultery

Christ as the Man of Sorrows with the Virgin and St John

Christ at the Column

Christ Blessing the Children

Christ Carrying the Cross

Christ on the Cross

Christ taking leave of his Mother

Christ the Man of Sorrows


Cupid Complaining to Venus

David and Bathsheba

Diana and Actaeon

Diana Resting (The Nymph of the Fountain)

Diptych Two Electors of Saxony

Diptych with the Portraits of Luther and his Wife

Dissimilar Couple

Dr Johannes Cuspinian

Duchess Katharina of Mecklenburg

Elector Frederick the Wise

Elector John the Constant of Saxony

Electors of Saxony Friedrich the Wise, Johann the Steadfast and Johann Friedrich the Magnanimous

Emperor Maximilian and Sixtus Oelhafen


Frederick III the Wise

Frederick III the Wise Elector of Saxony

Fruits of Jealousy

George the Bearded

Hans Luther Father of Martin Luther

Hans Melber

Head of Christ Crowned with Thorns

Head of the Virgin

Henry Duke of Saxony

Henry the Pious, Duke of Saxony

Hercules at the Court of Omphale

Housealtar of Count William II of Hessen

Hunt in Honor of Charles V at the Castle of Torgau

Jesus and the Children

Johann I

Johannes Carion

Johannes Reuss

John Frederick the Magnanimous and King Charles V

John Frederick the Magnanimous Elector of Saxony

John the Steadfast Elector of Saxony


Judith at the Table of Holofernes

Judith in the Tent of Holofernes

Judith Victorious

Judith with the Head of Holofernes

Katharina von Bora

Katharina von Bora future wife of Martin Luther

Katharina von Mecklenburg

Lot and his Daughters


Luther as Professor

Luther's wife

Madonna and Child

Madonna and Child with St Catherine of Alexandria and St Barbara

Margarethe Luther Mother of Martin Luther

Martin Luther

Martin Luther Katharina von Bora

Martin Luthers Sermon


Old Man and Young Woman


Perdition and Salvation

Philipp Melanchthon

Portrait of a Knight with his two sons

Portrait of a Man

Portrait of a Man with a Gold Embroidered Cap

Portrait of A Saxon Prince

Portrait of a Woman

Portrait of a Young Girl

Portrait of a Young Girl possibly Magdalena Luther

Portrait of a Young Man

Portrait of a Young Woman

Portrait of Anna Cuspinian

Portrait of Charles V

Portrait of Dr Johannes Cuspinian

Portrait of Dr. J. Scheyring

Portrait of Dr. Johannes Cuspinian

Portrait of Elector Frederick the Wise

Portrait of Elector Frederick the Wise in his Old Age

Portrait of Elector Johann Friedrich the Magnanimous of Saxony

Portrait of Frau Reuss

Portrait of Frederick the Wise Elector of Saxony

Portrait of Friedrich III Elector of Saxony

Portrait of Hans Luther Father of Martin Luther

Portrait of Hans Melber

Portrait of Herzog Heinrich the Pious of Saxony

Portrait of Johannes Geiler von Kaysersberg

Portrait of John Frederic the Magnanimous Elector of Saxony

Portrait of John Frederick the Magnanimous Elector of Ernestine of Saxony

Portrait of John I the Steadfast Elector of Saxony


Portrait of Katharina von Bora Wife of Martin Luther

Portrait of Katherine von Bora

Portrait of King Christian II of Denmark

Portrait of Magdalena of Saxony

Portrait of Margrave Kasimir von Brandenburg Kulmbach

Portrait of Martin Luther

Portrait of Martin Luther as an Augustinian Monk

Portrait of Martin Luther at the age of 50

Portrait of Philipp Melanchthon

Portrait of Princess Sybille of Cleves, Wife of Johann Friedrich the Magnanimous of Saxony

Portrait of Rudolf Agricola

Portrait of the Chancellor Gregor Brueck

Portrait of the Elector Frederick III the Wise Elector of Saxony

Portrait of the Elector Friedrich III the Wise of Saxony

Portrait of the Elector John Frederick the Magnanimous of Saxony

Portraits of Henry the Pious, Duke of Saxony and his wife Katharina von Mecklenburg

Portraits of Johann I and Frederick III the Wise, Electors of Saxony

Portraits of Martin Luther and Catherine Bore

Portraits of Martin Luther And Philipp Melanchthon

Princely Altarpiece

Princess Sybille of Cleves as a bride

Pyramus and Thisbe

Reclining River Nymph at the Fountain 1518

Rest on the Flight into Egypt

Saint Maurice


Salome with the Head of St John the Baptist

Samson and Delilah

Samson's Fight with the Lion

Saxon Princesses Sibylla, Emilia and Sidonia

Self Portrait

Sibylle Electoral Princess of Saxony

Small winged altar with the Resurrection of Christ St Barbara and St Catharine

Saints Jerome and Leopold

St Barbara

St Catherine Altarpiece

St Catherine of Alexandria

St Catherine of Alexandria and St Barbara

St Eustace

St George

St George on Horseback

St Paul

St Peter

St. Barbara in a Wooded Landscape

Stag Hunt of Elector Friedrich III the Wise

Still life with Birds

Sts Christopher and George

Sts Elizabeth and Anne

Suffer the Little Children to Come Unto Me

Suicide of Lucretia

The Adoration of the Magi

The Altarpiece of the Holy Kinship

The Annunciation to Joachim

The Birth of Christ

The Courtesan and the Old Man

The Crucifixion

The Crucifixion with the Converted Centurion 1536

The Death of Lucretia

The Deposition

The Elector Johann of Saxony

The Feast of Herod

The Flagellation of Christ

The Fountain of Youth

The Golden Age

The Good Shepherd

The Head of John the Baptist

The Ill Matched Couple

The Ill Matched Lovers

The Infant Christ Triumphing over Death and the Infant St John the Baptist

The Infatuated Old Woman

The Judgment of Paris

The Lamentation over the Dead Christ

The Last Judgment

The Madonna and Child

The Martyrdom of St Catherine

The Mouth of Truth

The Mystic Marriage of St Catherine

The Nativity with Adoring Child Angels

The Nymph of the Fountain

The Old Lover

The Paradise

The Penitence of Saint Jerome

The Rest on the Flight into Egypt

The Sacrifice of Isaac

The SIlver Age (The Effects of Jealousy)

The Suicide of Lucretia

The Temptation

The Temptation of St Anthony

The Ten Commandments

The Three Graces

The Trinity

The Virgin and Child

The Virgin and Child under an Apple Tree

The Virgin Mary with Saint Anne holding the infant Jesus

Three Princesses of Saxony Sibylla Emilia and Sidonia daughters of Duke Heinrich of Frommen



Venus and Cupid

Venus and Cupid, the Honey Thief

Venus in a Landscape

Venus Standing in a Landscape

Venus with Cupid as a Honey Thief

Virgin and Child

Virgin and Child under an Apple Tree

Virgin and Child with a Bunch of Grapes

Woman with a Carnation

Young Mother with Child


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