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Family Outing

Playing at the Seashore

Brighton Beach Rockaway Beach
"We received the Rockaway Beach from Something's Gotta Give and it's perfect.    Thanks for making the reds  
and oranges so bright.   It makes the living room come alive."    David E. ~ Rockaway Park, NY 
Shade Sunshine Play in the Surf Beach at Far Rockaway

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Blacksmith At the Beach Confidences By the Seashore

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Timid Bather Wading at the Shore Looking Out to Sea Swimming Hole

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At the Seashore

Wild Surf, Ogunquit, Maine Roses in a Glass Water's Fine
Bathers Walking in the Hills Hourtide Beach Scene

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Hilltop Kid Catastrophe Summer Day Ring Around the Rosy
Lake Louise, British Columbia Grand Canyon Children on the Beach On the Beach

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In the Park Golden Sunset Village Carpenter, 1899 Beach Umbrella
Bathers II Late Afternoon, Coney Island Maine Coast Moonlight

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Santa Barbara Mission Night Scene (New York City at Night) Coastal View Canoeing
Bathers in the Surf

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We can also provide all of the paintings you find at the following link: Paintings by Edward Henry Potthast

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All of the works above and many more from Edward Henry Potthast are available for order.   If    
the painting you are looking for is not shown above, you would like a oversized painting, a   
custom size or want to pay by check or money order, you can also call us at 888.284.9671 or 
email us at Sales@CanvasReplicas.com.   Ask about our discounts for multiple painting orders.
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Edward Potthast Catalog


The following titles are some of the Edward Potthast paintings available for 
reproduction.  To have any of the paintings below reproduced or if there is  
a painting you are interested in but is not listed below, you can reach us at 
888.284.9671 (801.446.1239 internationally) or Sales@CanvasReplicas.com.

A Summer Day

A Summer's Night

Afternoon Fun

Along the Mystic River

Along the Shore

Approaching Storm

At Low Tide

At Rockaway Beach

At the Beach

At the Seashore

At the Seaside

Barbizon Forest


Bathers by a Rocky Coast

Bathers by the Sea

Bathers by the Shore

Bathers in a Cove

Bathers in the Surf

Bathing Beach

Bathing in the Surf


Beach Fun

Beach Scene

Beach Umbrella

Blonde and Brunette

Boat at Dock

Boating in Central Park

Boats in a Rocky Cove

Boy Sharpening a Sickle

Bridle Path

Brighton Beach

By the Sea

By the Shore

By the Water

Camp by Lake Louise



Canoes and Sailboats

Cape Ann Coast


Children at Play on the Beach

Children Playing at the Beach

Children with a Swan

Circle of Friends

Cliff to the Ocean

Cold Feet

Coney Island


Day at the Beach

Day at the Seashore

Dutch Boy Sharpening Scythe

Enchanted Pool


Fall Plowing

Family at the Beach

Family Outing

Fires of St. John's Eve

Fishing Off an Old Pier

Girl in a Red Bonnet

Girl with a Bucket

Girls at the Beach

Girls on the Beach

Girls Playing in Surf

Gloucester Bay and Dock

Gloucester Fisherman

Golden Sunset


Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Trees and Rocks

Gray Day on the Coast

Grazing by the Roadside

Happy Days

Happy Group

Harbor Village

Hauling Nets

Hazy Day

Hot Summer Day


In Central Park

In Cloud Regions

In the Dog Days

In the Garden

In the Salt Marshes

In the Summertime

In the Surf

July Day

Jumping in the Surf

Lake Louise

Landscape by the Shore

Little Sea Bather

Lobster Shacks, Monhegan Island

Looking out to Sea

Maine Coast

Maine Fishermen

Making Friends

Making Repairs

Manhattan Beach



Moonlight on the Coast

Moonlight Stroll


Ocean Breezes

Off Shore

On the Beach

Ox Cart

Park Bench


Picknickers on the Beach

Playing in the Water


Purple Beach Scene

Ring Around the Rosie

Ring around the Rosy

Rockaway Beach

Romantic Interlude

Sailboats off Far Rockaway

Sea Nymphs


Seascape Moonlight

Souvenir of Canada


Standing Male Nude

Standing Room Only

Stormy Seas

Struggle for the Catch

Summer Day

Summer Day, Brighton Beach

Summer Joys

Summer Pleasures

Summer Vacation

Summer Wading

Summer, New England

Summer's Night

Sun and Shade

Sunday Afternoon at the Beach

Sunday at the Beach


Surf Bathing


Swimming Hole

Swimming Lesson

Table Top Still Life

The Gossips

The Picnic

Three Girls at the Seashore

Timid Bather

Two Boys

Two Females Swinging a Child

Umbrellas and the Sun

Village Carpenter

Wading at the Shore

Walk on the Beach

Walking in the Hills


Water Lilies

Water's Fine

White Sails

Wild Surf, Ogunquit, Maine

Woman with White Robe

Young Bathers

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