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Milliner's Shop Window - August Macke

Milliner's Shop Window

Modegeschaft 1913 Turkish Cafe II Gelbes Segel
Leute Die Sich Begegnen - August Macke

Leute Die Sich Begegnen

Blue Girl Reading Blumen Im Garten Blick Auf Eine Moschee
Red House - August Macke

Red House

Women in a Green Jacket Promenade 1913 On the Cemetery
Four Girls - August Macke

Four Girls

Leute Am Blauen See Donkey Rider Hammamet

Cows and Camel

Tunis Girls Under the Trees Turkish Cafe 1914

Landschaft Mit Hellem Baum

Frau Auf Der Strasse 1914 Children at the Grocery Store Weibes Haus 1914 Tunis

La Maison Clair

Kairouan III Madchen Vor Dem Spring Haus Im Garten
Promenade - August Macke


Kairouan Interior Courtyard

Landschaft Am Meer

Seiltanzer - August Macke


Country House Court At Stgermain Pierrot Milliner's Shop
Gartentor Garden Gate - August Macke

Gartentor Garden Gate

Madchen Unter Baumen Tunesische Landschaft Tightrope Walker
Landscape with Bright Trees - August Macke

Landscape with Bright Trees

St Germain Bei Tunis Blumen Am Fenster (Flowers in the Window) Indians on Horseback
Sunny Road - August Macke

Sunny Road

Russian Ballet Merchant with Jugs, Tunisia Landscape At Seaside
Tunesian Landscape - August Macke

Tunesian Landscape

Man in Park Walk Among Flowers Mann Mit Esel Tunis
Regard Sur La Ruelle - August Macke

Regard Sur La Ruelle

Madchen Mit Pferd (Girl with Horse) In the Bazar Parrots
Woman Taking a Bath Colored Composition

To order an oil-on-canvas reproduction online click on

the image of the painting.

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August Macke Catalog


The following titles are some of the August Macke paintings available for 
reproduction.  To have any of the paintings below reproduced or if there is  
a painting you are interested in but is not listed below, you can reach us at 
888.284.9671 (801.446.1239 internationally) or Sales@CanvasReplicas.com. 



A Couple in the Forest

A Garden

A House

A Large Light Shop Window

A Street

A Stroll on the Bridge (Spaziergang auf der Brücke)

A Walk

A Woman in Green Jacket

A Woman with Red Jacket and Child before the Hat Store

A Zoological Garden

Afternoon in the Garden

Anglers on the Rhine

Bathing Girls with Town (Badende Madchen mit Stadt im Hintergrund)

before the Hat Shop

Blick in eine Gasse

Blond Girl with Doll (Blondes Madchen mit Puppe)

Bright Women in Front of the Hat Shop (Helle Frauen vor dem Hutladen)

Cathedral at Freiburg, Switzerland (Kathedrale zu Freiburg in der Schweiz)

Children at the Pump (Kinder am Brunnen)

Children under Trees in Sun

Children with Goat (Kinder mit Ziege)

Church with Flags

Colored Composition

Colored Forms I

Colored Forms II

Couple at the Garden Table

Couple in the Forest

Courtyard of a Villa at St. Germain

Curcus Picture II: Pair of Athletes, Clown and Monkey

Dealer with Pitchers


Donkey Horseman

Elisabeth at the Desk

Elisabeth Gerhardt Sewing (Elisabeth Gerhardt Nahend)  

Family at the Blue Lake

Farbige Formen III


Farmboy from Tegernsee (Tegernseer Bauernjunge)

Fashion Shop (Modegeschaft)

Fashion Store Window

Fishing at the Rhine

Franz Marc with "Russi"

Futurist Heads (Futuristiche Kopfe)

Garden at the Thuner Lake

Garden Gate

Garden on Lake of Thun

Garden Picture

Garden Restaurant


Girl with a Yellow Jacket

Girl with Fish Bell


Girls in the Forest

Hat Shop (Hutladen)

Helles Haus

House in the Garden

Houses with a Chimney

In the Bazar

In the Temple Hall


Indians on Horseback


Lady in a Green Jacket


Landscape in Hammamet

Landscape with Cows and Camel

Large Bright Shop Window (Großes helles Schaufenster)

Leave -Taking (Abschied)

Man Reading in a Park (Lesender Mann im Park)

Man With Donkey

Mann mit Esel

Market in Algier

Milliner's Shop (Hutladen)

Nude with Coral Necklace (Akt mit Korallenkette)  

On the Street

Our Street in Gray (Unsere Strasse in Grau)  

Paar im Walde

Patio of the Country House in St Germain

People by a Blue Lake (Leute am Blauen See)  

Portrait of Bernhard Koehler

Portrait of Franz Marc (Bildnis Franz Marc)

Portrait of the Artist's wife Elisabeth with a Hat (Frau des Kunstlers mit Hut)  

Portrait with Apples - Wife of the Artist


Promenade with Half-Length of Girl in White  

Red House in a Park

Riders and Strollers in the Avenue

Rocky Landscape

Russian Ballet

Russian Ballet I  

Self Portrait  

Sitting Arab

Sitting Nude with Cushions (Sitzender Akt mit Kissen)


St. Germain near Tunis  

St. Mary's in the Snow (Mariekirsche im Schnee)

Staudacher's House at Tegernsee

Still Life with Stag Cushion and Flowers

Style Life with Fruits

Sunlight Walk (Sonniger Weg)  

Sunny Road

Tegernsee Landscape

Terrace of the Country House in St Germain

The Mackes' Garden at Bonn  

The Rhine near Herzel

The Storm (Der Sturm)

Three Girls in a Barque (Drei Madchen in einer Barke)  

Three Women at the Table by the Lamp

Tightrope Walker (Seiltanzer)  

Tree in the Grain Field

Turkish Cafe

Turkish Cafe II

Turkish Jewel Trader

Two Women and an Man on an Avenue

Vegetable Fields

View of an Alley

Walking in the Park

Woman in a Park

Woman Embroidering in an Armchair: Portrait of the Artist's Wife

Woman in a Green Jacket  

Woman in Park

Woman Reading in Red Armchair (Lesende Frau im roten Sessel)

Woman with Child and Girls on a Road

Zoological Garden I  

Zoologischer Garten I


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